11 Best Gyms in Nevada

If you are in Nevada and want to know of gyms where you can go for your workout to stay fit or to achieve your other fitness goals, this is the content you have been searching for.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about the Gyms in Nevada, read till the end of the post to get all the details.

Gyms in Nevada
Gyms in Nevada

Gyms in Nevada

Here are Gyms in Nevada

  1. At Anytime Fitness Henderson

About the Gym

At Anytime Fitness Henderson, the support they give to you as their gym member begins the moment you meet with them.

Their coaches create a fitness plan that suits you. In creating the fitness plan, they put into consideration your abilities, your body, as well as your goals.

Their Gym Amenities

Here are their gym amenities

  • 24-Hour Access
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Convenient Parking
  • Worldwide Club Access
  • Private Restrooms
  • Private Showers and more

Their Training Services

  • Small Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Virtual Coaching

Their Membership Plans

  • 24-Month Plan (This plan gives you access to the gym 24 hours every day, Free fitness consultation and a 30-day fitness plan, and Member exclusive app with access to a new workout every day) for $20.00 Due Bi-weekly.


  • 12-Month Plan (This plan gives you access to the gym 24 hours every day, Free fitness consultation and a 30-day fitness plan, and Member exclusive app with access to a new workout every day) for $25.00 Due Bi-weekly.

Address: 2920 Bicentennial Pkwy Henderson NV 89044

Phone: (702) 747-9194

  1. Snap Fitness Boulder City

About the Gym

At Snap Fitness Boulder City, their members get access to the best range of cardio, and strength, as well as functional training equipment, and also a member app and so many more toys that will keep you busy.

Their Gym Amenities

  • Snap App
  • Hydro Massage
  • Nutrition Consultants
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Tanning
  • Private Showers
  • HDTV
  • Free Weights and more

Their Membership Plans

All their membership plans include key card access to the gym as well as exclusive access to their Snap App.

  • $39.00 per month

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1030 Nevada Hwy, Boulder City NV 89005

Phone: (702) 403-1671

  1. Planet Fitness Sparks, NV

About the Gym

At Planet Fitness Sparks, they ensure to make available a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected.

They take care to make sure their gym is welcoming as well as clean. Their staff is friendly, and their certified trainers are ready to assist you when you need their assistance.

Their Gym Amenities

  • Bring a guest anytime
  • Making use of any planet fitness worldwide
  • Use of tanning
  • Massage chairs
  • Exclusive pf+ app workouts
  • Free WIFI and more

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 630 N McCarran Blvd Sparks, NV 89431 United States

Phone: (775) 356-1000

  1. Double Edge Fitness

About the Gym

At Double Edge Fitness, their aim is to identify as well as help the fire inside of you to make a change that works and will as well last.

In doing this, they use proven benefits of fitness to create an approach that suits you which is created particularly to aid in shaping your, changing attitudes as well as changing lifestyles.

With more full-time professional coaches than you will find in any other gym in Reno, they are passionate to make sure the training experience is nothing short of the best.

Their coaches customize your training as well as design plans that will assist you in losing weight, gaining muscle, enhancing your athletic performance, or achieving any of the fitness goals you want to achieve.

Double Edge’s two locations give you twice the opportunity to get the mood-boosting, sweat-inducing workout you want. Their two massive boxes, in the Midtown location (14,000 sq. feet) and the South location (10,000 sq. feet) have all the things you need to get in great shape.

What they offer

  • Welded
  • Weightlifting
  • Masters
  • Personal training

For their Membership plans contact them

Address: Midtown Location: 1065 South Virginia Street Reno, NV 89502, South Location: 6450 South Virginia Street Reno, NV 89511

Phone: (775) 657-9956

Gyms in Nevada
Gyms in Nevada
  1. Stimulus Health + Fitness

About the Gym

At Stimulus Health + Fitness, they specialize in physique style training, functional fitness, as well as general body wellness.

The gym was co-founded by Jeff Baker and Jason Hanson and welcomes all types of fitness enthusiasts.

Their mission is to make available a judgement-free, energetic, as well as community-based environment where people of all types of fitness backgrounds who are ready to improve their health and wellness can come together to work hard as well as motivate each other on their unique journeys to better lives.

They also want to offer correct as well as fitness and nutrition coaching from professionals who are very knowledgeable in their respective fields.

What they offer

  • Functional Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Open Gym and more

Their membership plans

Open gym

  • Month to Month for $100 per month
  • 6 Month Agreement for $80 per month
  • 12 Month Agreement for $60 per month
  • Drop-in Day Pass for $10

Functional fitness

Prices are different based on contract length

  • 2 Classes Per Week – Starts at $95 per month
  • 3 Classes Per Week – Starts at $130 per month
  • Unlimited Classes – Starting at $155 per month
  • 10 Class Punch Cards – starting from $135 – $175
  • 20 Class Punch Cards – $220 – $285

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 870 Steneri Way, Sparks, Nevada 89431, United States

Phone: (775) 412-8538

  1. Gym Las Vegas

About the Gym

At Gym Las Vegas, they offer custom training programs, sports-specific training, as well as group fitness sessions which have been proven to aid student-athletes and adults of all ages improve their bodies, health, as well as performance.

The Gym Las Vegas is all about real results. They welcome student-athletes and adults of all ages who are ready to see real change through their programs.

Their Programs

  • Focused Fitness
  • Sport Performance
  • MILF Program

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 7165 South Buffalo Dr. Suite B-100 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: (702) 432-3278

  1. Fitness 14

About the Gym

At Fitness 14, their friendly fitness enthusiasts will greet you with a warm welcome. Whether it is your first time in their gym or you are a regular, their first priority is to ensure you feel right at home.

They are committed to assisting you on your journey, watching you grow and transform, and also ensuring you feel like the incredible person that you are.

Their Offerings

  • Tons of Cardio Machines
  • Small-Group Personal Training
  • Personal Training
  • Strength Training Equipment
  • Heavy Free Weights
  • Boxing Bag
  • Plyometrics Equipment
  • Body Scan Machine

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 7171 N Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89166

Phone: (702) 209-2886

  1. B Fitness 702

About the Gym

B Fitness 702 is a women’s gym in Las Vegas. Their mission is to help you as a woman succeed. After spending time in their facility and with their team, they want their members to walk out of their doors after a workout feeling like they are a better version of themselves.

Their team cares about guiding as well as encouraging each and every member to achieve the goals they seek for themselves.

Their programs

  • Personal Training
  • Challenges & Retreats
  • Bootcamp/Classes
  • Small Group Training
  • Strength and Conditioning

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 7830 W Ann Rd. #130, Las Vegas NV 89149

Phone: (702) 996-8342

Gyms in Nevada
Gyms in Nevada
  1. Movement Fitness

About the Gym

At Movement Fitness, they enhance your life, improve your fitness, strength, and coordination, and your general mental and physical well-being.

They love their seniors as much as their students and professional athletes. They are at the forefront of cancer rehabilitation, fitness programs for seniors, and personal, as well as performance training.

Services they offer

  • Performance Training
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Rentals

For their membership plans click here

Address: 3075 E Flamingo Rd Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89121

Phone: 702.803.3777

  1. Straight Flush CrossFit

About the Gym

At Straight Flush CrossFit, they work with each athlete helping them reach their highest fitness as well as wellness goals. By making use of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, they can enhance your fitness, and this will enhance your quality of life.

They make use of the core aspects of the CrossFit methodology. They mix weightlifting, gymnastics, and high-intensity cardio to challenge and develop all their athletes.

At the gym, they are well invested in their community and also work on being another family in their members’ lives.  They organize monthly outings: from barbecues to golf outings to attending sporting events to day hikes. Their community bond is stronger than any other.

For their membership plans click here

Address: 8544 Blue Diamond Rd Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89178, United States

Phone: 702.608.1441

  1. Sweat Zone

About the Gym

At Sweat zone, they are passionate about health, and fitness, as well as seeing their clients succeed in their goals.

They offer a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere where clients of all fitness levels and lifestyles can come and experience both short- and long-term improvements.

At Sweat Zone, they have 99% female members, and you can feel confident as well as comfortable in your fitness journey, with a supportive community and programs created particularly for women.

What they offer

  • Beginner’s Class
  • Group Classes
  • Private Training and more

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 750 E Pyle Ave Unit 110 Las Vegas, NV 89183

Phone: 725-772-1851


Now you can confidently go to any of these gyms for your workouts in your area. Working out in gyms will give you access to the guide you need to achieve your fitness goals.

If you have any health issues, remember to discuss them with your doctor before getting started. The results you need will be gotten if you will be consistent.

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