14 Best Gyms in Fayetteville

What do you know about Gyms in Fayetteville?

Joining the right gym is dependent on your fitness needs and your ability to select the right gym that suits your fitness needs. We know how difficult it is for most people to figure out the fitness center they need to achieve their fitness goals. So we decided to put together a list of the best gyms in the city for you.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about the best fitness centers in Fayetteville. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking to switch up your routine, a newcomer searching for the perfect place to start your fitness journey, or someone looking to explore the best options available, this is the content you have been waiting to read.

Join us as we discuss about the best gyms in Fayetteville, their amenities and some other details about them.

Gyms in Fayetteville

Gyms in Fayetteville

Here are fitness centers in Fayetteville

  1. Planet Fitness Fayetteville
  2. Anytime Fitness Fayetteville
  3. Fayetteville Athletic Club
  4. Diamond Training
  5. CrossFit Commence
  6. Elevate Bungee Fitness

Planet Fitness Fayetteville

Joining the right gym gives you access to working out in the right environment suitable and conducive for workouts. That is why at Planet Fitness Fayetteville they strive to create a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected.

They take care to ensure their gym is clean and welcoming. In their gym, their staff is friendly, and their certified trainers are ready to assist you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are a first-time gym user or a fitness veteran, you will always have a home in the gym.

Their Amenities

  • Bring a guest anytime
  • Use of any Planet Fitness worldwide
  • Use of tanning
  • Use of massage chairs
  • Use of hydromassage
  • Exclusive PF+ APP workouts
  • Unlimited access to home club
  • PF APP workouts
  • Free WIFI and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1768 N Crossover Rd Fayetteville, AR 72701 United States

Phone: (479) 334-2963

Visit their website

Anytime Fitness Fayetteville

At Anytime Fitness Fayetteville, they offers you a supportive community to reach your health and wellness goals. Their expert coaches and staff are ready to assist you every step of the way, including a free fitness consultation and personalized plan.

As a member of their gym, you also get 24/7 access to more than 5,000 locations across the globe, which means they are never far from your home, work or vacation destination. Their approach to coaching is focused on you.

Their Facilities & Amenities

  • 24-Hour Access
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Convenient Parking
  • Worldwide Club Access
  • Private Restrooms
  • Private Showers and more

Their Gym Membership Plans

  • Plans Starting at $25.00 biweekly

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 6315 Wedington Dr Unit 2 Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: (479) 935-4600

Visit their website

Fayetteville Athletic Club

At FAC, their Personal Trainers offer personalized attention, professional instruction, and exercise programming to every member to maximize the member’s health, fitness, and wellness goals while offering the highest level of customer service.

Their Group Classes

  • Pilates
  • Strength & Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Barre and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 2920 E Zion Rd, Fayetteville, AR, 72703

Phone: 479-587-0500

Visit their website

Diamond Training

At Diamond Training which is Northwest Arkansas’ #1 Personal Training Company, they believe in being the best version of yourself through commitment, accountability and flexibility.

In their fitness center, they will make sure you meet your goals.

Their Training Specialties

  • Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training and more

Their Pricing Plan

  • 1 Day Sweat Pass for $25

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1545 W 15th St Suite 5, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

Phone: +1 479-312-0296

Visit their website

Crossfit Commence

At Crossfit Commence, they move, they pick things up, they carry stuff, they push, they pull, they jump, they run, they bike, they sweat, and they get stronger.

Their community is their greatest strength. No matter your fitness level, they will assist you improve and go beyond.

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1766 N. College Ave. – Fayetteville, AR. 72703

Phone: 479-871-0472

Visit their website

Elevate Bungee Fitness

Elevate Bungee Fitness is the first and only bungee gym in Northwest Arkansas. In their fitness center, they offer various low-impact, high-cardio and strength exercises both in and out of bungees.

During bungee classes, you will exercise on a bungee cord attached to a harness, engaging all muscles for strength, stability, flexibility, and cardio training by pushing against the cord with your body weight.

In their fitness center, their certified instructors are well-prepared to assist you regardless of your starting point. They come from diverse backgrounds to assist you reach your fitness goals and maximize your abilities.

Elevate aims for all individuals to feel welcome and part of a supportive community that empowers and challenges them at every fitness level.

Their Classes

  • Bungee Level 1
  • Bungee Level 2
  • Bungee Bootcamp
  • Bungee Level 3 and more

Their Membership Pricing

Unlimited Classes

  • $79 per Month (6 Month Contract)
  • $89 per Month (3 Month Contract)
  • $99 per Month (NO Contract)
  • Single Class for $20
  • 5 Class Package for $85
  • 10 Class Package for $150

Address: 3047 N College Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: (479) 235-2555

Visit their website

Other Gyms in Fayetteville

Orangetheory Fitness Fayetteville

Address: 100 E. Joyce Blvd. Suite #8 Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: (479) 595-8709


HOTWORX Fayetteville

Address: 3071 N College Ave Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: (479) 333-9771


Burn Boot Camp

Address: 2668 E. Citizens Drive Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: (479) 236-8263


Mensch CrossFit

Address: 203 East Natural Way Fayetteville, AR 72703


Clubhaus Fitness Fayetteville

Address: 150 N Skyline Drive (Inside the Mount Sequoyah Center) Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: +1 479-287-4287


9round Fitness Fayetteville, AR

Address: 1267 Steamboat Dr Suite 1 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704

Phone: (479) 316-8280


Crunch Fayetteville

Address: 4201 N Shiloh Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: +1 479.309.0399


5th Element HIIT Studio

Address: 2503 Main Drive Suite 5 Fayetteville, AR 72704


Gyms in Fayetteville

Conclusion on Gyms in Fayetteville

Now that you know the best Gyms in Fayetteville and their offerings, selecting the right gym that suits your fitness goals becomes easier.

Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art equipment, expert personal trainers, group classes, or a supportive community environment, the Gyms in Fayetteville offer them.

Are you ready to get started with your fitness goals? If yes, choose the right gym suitable for your fitness needs and get started on your fitness journey to hit your goals.


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