16 Best Gyms in San Francisco

What do you know about Gyms in San Francisco?

San Francisco has different gyms and fitness centers that cater to a wide range of fitness goals and preferences, from high-intensity interval training and CrossFit to yoga and Pilates.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about the gyms in San Francisco. Whether you are a local looking to switch up your fitness routine or a visitor seeking a place to stay active during your stay, the information you will get in this content will provide valuable insights into the best gyms San Francisco has to offer.

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Gyms in San Francisco
Gyms in San Francisco

Gyms in San Francisco

24 Hour Fitness Van Ness

About the Gym

At 24 Hour Fitness Van Ness, they offer exciting fitness classes. They have friendly coaches and plenty of space to assist you get into your zone. Whatever your goals are, they will give you the support you need to achieve them.

Amenities at Van Ness

In their gym, they have all the great workout equipment you expect and also have

  • Whirlpool
  • Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Cardio Equipment and more

Their Classes

  • Bodypump
  • Bodycombat
  • Bodyattack
  • Les Mills Grit and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1200 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: (415) 776-2200

Planet Fitness San Francisco

About the Gym

At Planet Fitness San Francisco, they ensure to make available for their members a workout environment they can feel accepted and respected.

They ensure their club is clean and welcoming. They have a friendly staff and their certified trainers are ready to offer you the assistance you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Whether it is your first time being in the gym or you are a fitness veteran, you will always have a home in their judgement-free zone.

Their Gym Amenities

  • Bring a guest anytime
  • Use of any Planet Fitness worldwide
  • Use of tanning
  • Use of massage chairs
  • Use of hydromassage
  • Exclusive PF+ app workouts
  • New PF+ premium in-app workouts
  • PF app workouts
  • Free WIFI and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 417 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104 United States

Phone: (415) 433-3033


About the Gym

Tribe is a boutique wellness studio and community founded in San Francisco by brothers Nick and Billy Palladino-King in 2017.

At the Tribe, their supportive community and focus on results are what make them different from your generic fitness studio. Their gym operates based on their philosophy of complete health and wellness.

Their approach to wellness Is based on three foundational pillars which are

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Accountability

Their Coaching Services

  • Healthy Eating Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching and more

Their Fitness Classes

  • Personal Training (Anywhere)
  • Semi-Private Training (Anywhere)
  • Signature Group Classes
  • Livestream Classes

Their Yoga Classes

  • Tribe Yoga Flow
  • Tribe Fit Flow
  • Meditation And Mindfulness Coaching
  • Virtual Yoga & Meditation Classes

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 222 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

Phone: 415-234-7273

Gyms in San Francisco
Gyms in San Francisco

Fíor Fitness

About the Gym

At Fíor Fitness, they want your hard work inside their facility to be so noticeable in your appearance and attitude that people will have to ask you about it.

They want your improved fitness and nutrition habits to permeate into your friends and family. The fitness you gain with them will open doors for you, it will connect you with new people, and also enhance and extend the quality of your life.

Their Programs

  • Fíor Foundations
  • Fíor Functional
  • Fíor Fire
  • Fíor Flex
  • Nutrition Coaching

Their Gym Rates

For Members

  • Fíor Founder – Special Pricing (Limited Availability) for $3,000 Commit to Your Fitness. With this membership plan, you get a 1-year Unlimited Access to All Programs (Functional, Fire, Flex), Fíor Fitness Shirt, Nutrition Tracking App Access, and Entry to Seminars/Workshops.


  • Fíor – Unlimited Member for $290. With this membership plan you get Monthly Unlimited Class Access to All Programs (Functional, Fire, Flex), {< $15 per Class}.


  • Fíor – Limited Member for $250. With this membership plan, you get Access to 12 x Classes per Month to All Programs (Functional, Fire, Flex), {< $21 per Class}.


  • Fíor Foundations for $75 (With this membership package, you get 3 x Foundations Classes, Movement Mechanics & Form, Group Class Environment, Finisher Workout.


‍For Non-Member

  • Fíor Fitness – Drop-In for $30 (With this you get access to a Single Class Pass, Flex, Fire, or Functional. You can tell them about your Experience Level Before Drop-In to their Functional / CrossFit Classes.

Address: 5509 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone: (415) 914-7549

Other Gyms in San Francisco

Muscle Beach Gym (Outer Richmond)

Address: 710 La Playa Street @ Balboa, San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone: 415-793-5054


Sunset Gym 

Address: 1247 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone: 1-415-564-1212


Gyms in San Francisco
Gyms in San Francisco

Fitness Urbano

Address: 80 Missouri Street San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: +1-415-341-0515


Alex Fitness Castro

Address: San Francisco, 2275 Market Street (Second Floor) San Francisco, CA 94114

Phone: +1 (628) 201 4931


Crunch Fitness Polk St

Address: 2330 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: +1 415.292.5444


Body Mechanix Mission

Address: 1919 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Phone: (415) 993-0810


MX3 Fitness Mission

Address: 3166 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415-236-2556


Gyms in San Francisco
Gyms in San Francisco

Orangetheory Fitness San Francisco Mission

Address: 215 King Street San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: (415) 569-2051


Telegraph CrossFit

Address: 3545 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

Phone: (415)215-1088


Infinity Training Center

Address: 742 14th Street San Francisco, CA 94114

Phone: 415.583.1681


Kinetic Playground

Address: 566 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (925) 997-1436


Jigalin Fitness

Address: 2184 Greenwich St San Francisco, CA 94123

Phone: 415.250.1295


Conclusion on Gyms in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its active and health-conscious population, and offer a wide array of gym options catering to different fitness needs and preferences.

This includes high-end luxury gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive wellness services, affordable community fitness centers, specialized studios for activities like yoga, Pilates, and spinning, and outdoor fitness options taking advantage of the city’s scenic landscapes.

The city’s commitment to health and wellness is evident in the quality and variety of its fitness facilities. However, the choice of the right gym depends largely on individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gyms In San Francisco

What are the best gyms in San Francisco?

This question is subjective and depends on what you are looking for in a gym. People often look for gyms with comprehensive equipment, various fitness classes, personal training options, and clean facilities.

Are there affordable gym options in San Francisco?

Yes, there are a range of gyms in San Francisco that cater to different budgets. Some offer basic amenities at a lower cost, while others are more expensive but offer additional services.

Do gyms in San Francisco offer specialized fitness classes?

Many gyms in San Francisco offer a variety of specialized fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, spin, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and more. These classes are often included in the membership or available for an additional fee.

Can I find personal trainers at San Francisco gyms?

Most gyms in San Francisco offer personal training services. These trainers can provide customized workout plans and guidance tailored to individual fitness goals.

What amenities do luxury gyms in San Francisco offer?

Luxury gyms in San Francisco often offer high-end amenities such as spa services, saunas, steam rooms, upscale locker rooms, a wider range of fitness equipment, and a variety of classes conducted by top-notch instructors.

Can I try a gym in San Francisco before committing to a membership?

Many gyms offer trial periods or free day passes, allowing potential members to experience the facilities and services before making a decision.

What should I look for when choosing a gym in San Francisco?

Consider factors like location, cost, types of equipment and classes offered, cleanliness, the expertise of staff, and the overall atmosphere of the gym.

Are there gyms focused on specific sports or athletic training in San Francisco?

Yes, some gyms specialize in specific sports training, like boxing, martial arts, climbing, or Olympic weightlifting.

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