9 Best Gyms in Somerville

Working out in the right gym will help you reach your fitness goals with the needed guidelines from fitness experts. Most people find it difficult to find the right gym that will suit their fitness needs as a result of the different gyms available.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss the gyms in Somerville, their services, amenities, and membership plans. Read till the last dot to get the details about the fitness centers.

Gyms in Somerville
Gyms in Somerville

Gyms in Somerville

Here are fitness centers in Somerville

  1. CrossFit Somerville
  2. Commonwealth CrossFit
  3. P+E Wellness
  4. Durbrow Performance Training
  5. Rumble Boxing Assembly Square

CrossFit Somerville

At CrossFit Somerville, they are in the business of building strong people and strong communities by increasing people’s capacity to create change in the world.

In their gym, they aim to create better humans by creating an environment that is accessible, sustainable, and interconnected.

The three watchwords that guide every decision they make from a business standpoint are integrity, transparency, and consistency. In their gym, they offer personal training to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Their Programs

  • CrossFit Membership
  • Solo WOD Time
  • Personal Training

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 35 Prospect St Somerville, MA 02143

Phone: (617) 764-3366

Commonwealth CrossFit

At Commonwealth CrossFit, their team of fitness and nutrition professionals is invested in your health. They make every decision with their members’ well-being in mind. You can achieve your fitness goals with them today.

Their Programs

  • Group Training
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Training
  • Kids Program

Their gym offers membership options starting at just $185 per month.

Address: 630 Somerville Ave Somerville MA 02143

Phone: (617) 712-2568

Visit their website

P+E Wellness

P+E Wellness is a boutique fitness studio that offers small group classes. You can join their fitness studio today.

Their Classes

  • MoveWell
  • Build A Back
  • Legs 360
  • Hips Don’t Lie
  • Hardcore
  • Active Agers

Their Membership Plans

They have three membership options available

  • Membership Lite for $132 (4 classes)
  • Membership Standard for $264 (8 classes)
  • Membership Plus for $400 (Unlimited classes)

In their gym, each of their membership comes with:

  • Priority booking
  • Discounts on personal training
  • Members-only special events
  • A diverse, inclusive, and supportive community

Address: 44 Medford St. Somerville, MA 02143

Visit their website

Durbrow Performance Training

If you are looking for lasting results, Durbrow Performance Training is the right gym for you. In their gym, they assist busy parents and professionals get strong and healthy.

They will provide you with support, accountability, world-class coaching, and a fun, inviting atmosphere. Because they know what you do outside of the gym matters just as much as what you do inside. They give you a guide on the Top 6 Free Health Apps to help you manage sleep, stress, nutrition, and travel.

Their Classes

  • Group Personal Training

Their gym has membership options starting at $46 per week. They have a fitness solution for every budget.

Address: 10 Garfield Avenue Somerville MA 02145

Phone: 617 863 7540

Visit their website

Rumble Boxing Assembly Square

At Rumble Boxing Assembly Square, they deliver boxing & strength group fitness workouts for all fitness levels. Their boxing-inspired fitness boutique combines the sweet science of boxing with the transformative power of strength training in one seamless class.

In their fitness center, each 10-round class is an explosive, full-body workout with HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and strength & cardio circuits. Reap rewards in every round and rumble at your own pace.

Their Pricing

  • Drop-in class for $29.00 (Expires 15 days from purchase)
  • Buy one, get one for $29.00 (buy 1 class and they will hit you with the 2nd. Expires 15 days from the purchase date.

Address: 301 Harold Cohen Street, Unit A Somerville, MA 02145

Phone: +1 (857) 971-5078

Visit their website

Other Gyms in Somerville

Ever Fitness Somerville

Address: 14 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, MA 02143

Phone: (508) 993-7900


Pure Barre Somerville

Address: 363 Revolution Drive Somerville, MA 02145

Phone: +1 (617) 764-2196


Orangetheory Fitness Assembly Row

Address: 383 Revolution Drive #1135 Somerville, MA 02145

Phone: (617) 702-4426


Cyclebar Assembly Row

Address:  387 Revolution Drive Somerville, MA 02145

Phone: +1 (617) 863-7588


Gyms in Somerville
Gyms in Somerville

Conclusion on Gyms in Somerville 

Now that you know about the gyms in Somerville, getting started with your fitness goals today you need to join the right gym that suits your fitness goals. Staying consistent in your fitness routine will help you in achieving your fitness goals. Take the right diets that will complement your workouts so you get the required results.

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