6 Best Gyms in Brooklyn New York

Working out in a gym will give you access to the expert advice and encouragement you need as well as the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Are you searching for gyms in Brooklyn? If yes, this content is for you.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about the Gyms in Brooklyn New York. Read till the last dot to get the information available about the gyms.

Gyms in Brooklyn New York
Gyms in Brooklyn New York

Gyms in Brooklyn New York

Here are Gyms in Brooklyn New York

  1. Absolute Power Gym

About the Gym

At Absolute Power, they make available for everyone who walks into their gym a friendly as well as motivated atmosphere.  They are dedicated to making available a safe and inviting space for all members of their community, not minding their current fitness level.

In their gym, you have access to resources, equipment, and space to engage in any as well as all types of workouts.

What they offer

  • The Gym
  • Personal Training
  • Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Shakes

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 750 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States

Phone: (718) 387-4711

  1. Planet Fitness Brooklyn (Flatbush), NY

About the Gym

At Planet Fitness Brooklyn (Flatbush), they ensure to make available for their members a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected.

They make sure their gym is clean as well as welcoming. Their staff is friendly and their certified trainers are prepared to offer assist you when you need assistance.

Their Gym Amenities

  • Bring a guest anytime
  • Use of any Planet Fitness worldwide
  • Use of tanning
  • Use of massage chairs
  • Use of hydromassage™
  • Exclusive PF+ app workouts
  • PF app workouts
  • Free WIFI and more

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 495 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225-3706 United States

Phone: (347) 481-4990

Gyms in Brooklyn New York
Gyms in Brooklyn New York
  1. Retro Fitness

About the Gym

At Retro Fitness, they offer you world-class in-club group fitness classes, personal training,

and the most robust amenities. Their Retro Fitness App assists you in your fitness journey on your time, even from home.

Their Amenities

  • Bring a friend every time
  • Pro Shop
  • Smoothie bar
  • Tanning
  • Massage Chair and more

Their Membership Plans

Here are their membership plans at Retro Fitness

  • $39.99 per month for the Ultimate plan (With this plan you can bring a friend with you every time and enjoy robust amenities).
  • $33.99 per month for the Core plan (Workout at any of their 120+ locations across America).
  • $24.99 per month for the Flex plan (You go for this plan when you are looking to save more and work out hard).

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 2244 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (718) 483-9501

  1. Grind House

About the Gym

At Grind House, they have a unique atmosphere that caters to everyone from the novice gym-goer to the Olympic lifter.

Their gym is an environment where you go to challenge yourself to push or be pushed to achieve your fitness goals.

Their Programs

  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • HIIT
  • Turf & tread
  • Yoga
  • Kettlebell
  • Pilates & barre fusion
  • Cardio dance

Their Amenities

  • Cardio, weights, machines
  • Group Fitness classes
  • Towel service
  • Full-service lockers rooms
  • Personal sauna
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary personal training assessment

Their Membership plans

  • $99 per month (No commitment)

For more information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 203 Berry Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (718) 963-0835

Gyms in Brooklyn New York
Gyms in Brooklyn New York
  1. Dolphin Fitness

About the Gym

At Dolphin Fitness, their goal is to motivate their members with unrivaled energy and make available for them the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to assist their members reach their fitness goals. 

Whether you need to lose weight, enhance muscle or strength, reduce stress, enhance sports performance, or just for you to feel better, their gym has everything you need to achieve your fitness goal.

What they offer

  • Convenience
  • Great club hours
  • Fitness equipment

For their membership plans click here

Address: 2402 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Phone: 1.718.333.0100

  1. Priority Fitness

About the Gym

Priority Fitness was founded in 2008 by founder Ben Kessel. They are a team of qualified and fully certified professionals prepared and willing to offer you guidance safely as well as effectively for you to achieve your fitness goals.

They offer a range of services and with you as their priority, they will create a program that suits you so you can get the assistance required for you to achieve your fitness goals with personalized fitness and training plans.

In their gym, they have all the equipment required for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some of their equipment

  • Commercial grade Treadmill for run workouts and run analysis​
  • Hand weights up to 90lbs
  • CXT Multi-Functional Trainer
  • Hex Bar and Barbell
  • Resistance Bands
  • Olympic Weights and more

Their Services

  • ​Personal Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Endurance Coaching
  • Running Analysis
  • Remote Training

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 339 5th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 347-223-4072


Having information about the gyms in Brooklyn New York as a resident especially if you are about to get started with your fitness journey will help you make the best decision on the gym that suits you.

Ensure you are committed to your routine. Working out is not a one-day off something, you consistently work out to get the required results.

If you have any health issues, make sure you discuss your fitness plans with your doctor before getting started.

You can also check out other factors like the closeness of the gym, their gym hours and the time the equipment is mostly not in use so you can get started in a gym convenient for you.

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