8 Best Gyms In JLT Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT) in Dubai, is one of the most fascinating places to be in Dubai, this location offers you the opportunity to view Several unique Architecture masterpieces.

Honestly, JLT Dubai is an Emerging Tourist Attraction in Dubai and one of the best destinations for Gym enthusiasts because there are several top Gyms In JLT Dubai.

Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT) Dubai has indeed attracted a good number of Foreign Visitors in Recent Times, due to the Beauty and Magnificence of the City, Most especially the ambiance of the Towers and lakes in the city.

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However, with the rising popularity JLT Dubai has a substantial amount of Gym Houses to help Improve the Health and Well-being of the city’s Increasing Population.

The Supposed standard Gyms In JLT Dubai help to keep Individuals Healthy and Fit while they Enjoy other Entertaining Features In The City.

For Your Interest, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the Top Gym Facilities In Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT) Dubai to help you Achieve your Fitness Goal While you Stay in Dubai.

Without wasting much time Join me As we review each of the Best Gyms In JLT Dubai, to be more detailed I will be Exposing you to some of the modern Facilities In These Gym Houses.

How Much Does A Gym Cost In Dubai?

The Cost of Gym membership at any Gym Facility in Dubai varies from Location to Location, however, you are expected to spend between AED 300 to AED 1000 for Gym participation per month in Dubai.

Why Are Gyms So Expensive In Dubai?

Most Gym Facilities in Dubai are quite expensive due to the luxury involved, they are well-equipped with modern equipment.

Some of these Dubai-based gym facilities are expensive because they tend to employ experienced personal trainers who guide individuals during Workout Sessions in The Gym.

What Is The Age Limit For Gym In Dubai?

Individuals who wish To Participate at any Gym house or Enroll For Gym Membership in Dubai must not be less than sixteen Years of Age.

Can I Move To Dubai As A Personal Trainer?

Yes, Dubai welcomes Experienced and Certified Personal Trainers to practice their Craft In Dubai, provided they have a Work permit Visa Justifying their Stay in Dubai.

Gyms In JLT Dubai

Below is the Comprehensive list of the Best Gym Facilities Situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT) In Dubai.

  • Vogue Fitness
  • Fidelity Fitness Club
  • Bodytime JLT
  • Fitbox Gym House
  • Volcano Personal Training Club
  • Krav Maga Middle East
  • Fitness Trainer Dubai
  • Gym Nation Dubai

1. Vogue Fitness

  • Phone:+971 02 583 2380

The Famous Vogue Fitness Centre comes first on our List of the best Gyms In JLT Dubai, this Gym center has several branches in locations like Al Raha, Yas Marina e.t.c.

The Prestigious Vogue Fitness Center Charges around AED 999 for Gym Membership Monthly and also AED 3150 for one-on-one training with an Experienced Fitness Coach.

Surprisingly this Gym centre sells several customised Apparel and Fitness to help Individuals to train at home.

Some of the top Fitness equipment sold at this Gym include Fitness Dumbbells, Fitness Barbells, 20 LB Wall balls, kettlebells e.t.c.

Vogue Fitness Centre also sells Supplements that help in improving the health and well-being of customers.

For more information about this Gym Centre, will suggest you visit their official web address as indicated below.

Gym Official Webpage

2. Fidelity Fitness Club

  • Phone:044-511-133

Fidelity Fitness Club is also among the Top Gym houses situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai, it was established in 2011..

This Gym Center is located in Alma Tower one of the notable Towers in JLT Dubai, Fidelity Fitness Club offers group exercise training and personal training.

This Gym House is also equipped with standard swimming pools where it offers swimming lessons for both Adults and Children of all ages.

Surprisingly Fidelity Fitness Club was recently listed in the UAE Business Awards as the most Exclusive Fitness Gym In Dubai.

Fidelity Fitness Club currently holds close to Eighty(80) group training sessions per week,and also self-defense classes.

One distinguishing feature about this Gym center is that it allows individuals to pay Installmetally for their Membership fee.

Gym Official Webpage

3. Bodytime JLT

  • Phone:+971-52-452-9889

Bodytime JLT is also among the best Gyms In JLT Dubai, it’s currently situated at Dubai JLT Cluster Y Lake Shore Tower, Dubai.

This Fitness Facility is the perfect Gym house for Individuals who wish to lose weight and Build Muscles.

Bodytime JLT offers Electric Muscle Stimulation services, which is preferably the fastest method to lose weight and build muscles than the traditional workout sessions done in Gyms.

Interestingly this Gym Center also offers well-structured Training and treatment to help cure Back pain, Neck pain, knee, and Hip-related ailments.

The Gym house is also a perfect spot for individuals who wish to purchase Electronic Muscle Stimulating Devices one could use at home or for business.

Bodytime JLT is one of the oldest Gym houses in Dubai, it has existed for over ten years, currently situated in other top countries like Romania, the United States Quater e.t.c.

Do well to visit the page of Bodytime JLT to gain clarity on the substantive Fitness Services offered At the Facility.

Visit Gym Page To Know more

4. Fitbox Gym House

  • Phone:+971-50-374-0656

Fitbox Gym House comes next on our list, this Gym is located at the popular Jumeirah Business Center Tower.

Surprisingly Boxing training services are also offered at this Gym, Aside from the Fitness training session.

So if you wish to Fine-tune your boxing skills while also keeping fit as an Individual, Fitbox Gym House should be perfect for you.

To know more about this Gym center, most especially the Gym Membership fee, we suggest you contact the Gym via WhatsApp through the number provided above.

Visit Gym Official page

5. Volcano Personal Training Club

  • Phone:+971-505-957-601

Volcano Personal Training Club is among the most affordable Gyms in JLT Dubai, this Gym center charges no membership fee, provided you won’t be under the supervision of a trainer.

Volcano Personal Training Club is also among the biggest gyms in Dubai, currently Situated at the Dome Tower, JLT Dubai.

However, participants who wish to enroll in a one-on-one coaching class will pay around 2000 AED per month, and 5,000 AED for three(3) months.

Also, the Six-month membership fee for the gym one-on-one training is around 7,500 AED, and 10,000 AED for one year.

Volcano Personal Training Club also helps individuals in modifying thier diet to help them reach thier fitness goals easily.

Surprisingly This Dubai Gym Center also offers Kickboxing training, Volcano Personal Training Club is also a perfect Gym for Weight lifting Enthusiasts.

Visit Gym Webpage To Know more

6. Krav Maga Middle East

  • Phone:+971-50-343-1832

Krav Maga Middle East Gym is committed to quality training aimed at providing Gym members with skills and abilities to defend themselves and neutralize Threats.

This Gym center is perfect for individuals interested in Self-defence, most especially if you wish to pursue a career in the military.

Krav Maga Middle East Gym is indeed well-equipped, it’s one of the latest Gyms in JLT Dubai, and it was established in 2018.

However there is a recommended Age limit for individuals interested in enrolling at this Gym, participants are expected to be eighteen(18) years or older.

Nevertheless, this Gym also offers Fitness-based training like Weight lifting, Bodybuilding, sport-specific fitness training, Rehabilitation, and also a nutrition guide to help achieve faster results.

Krav Maga Middle East charges AED 85  per session for Group class training, below are some of the pricing at this Gym.

  • Private one-on-one training-AED 350 per session
  • Ten Sessions for two(2) month-AED 2999
  • Four months training(20 sessions- AED 5500,For more info visit the official webpage of Krav Maga Middle East

Gym Official Page

7. Fitness Trainer Dubai

Fitness Trainer Dubai is also among the outstanding Gyms in JLT Dubai, this Gym offers both men’s and women’s Fitness programs.

Under its women’s training program, exercises like pre/post-pregnancy workout sessions, core workouts, Yoga, Fat loss, and body shaping are been conducted.

Whereas Under the Men’s training wing exercises focused on Muscle gain, Weight loss, and strength workouts, are conducted.

Fitness Trainer Dubai also offers consultation services, to help guide Gym members on how to stay, they tend to suggest Diet structure for Gym members.

Surprisingly this Gym house also offers training on Martial Arts and virtual fitness classes for Individuals who wish to train from the comfort of their homes.

Gym Official Page.

8. Gym Nation Dubai

Gym Nation comes last on our list of the top Gyms In JLT Dubai, this Dubai Gym center was established in 2017.

This Gym is also among the cheapest Gym centers in Dubai, it currently has close to eleven branches in Dubai.

Surprisingly this Gym center has free parking space for its members, giving them a perfect parking spot for thier cars whenever they come for training.

Gym Nation charges around AED 99 per session, participants could either pay their membership fees monthly or per session.

This Gym house has a separate Gym space for women alone, to help guide the privacy of female Gym members.

Gymnation also has a software application where it offers virtual fitness training to its members’ training from home.

Some of the Gym Equipment at this Gym Include:

  • Rower
  • S Drive Trainer
  • Krankcycle
  • Arm Curl
  • Abdominal Crunch
  • Leg press
  • Hack Squat
  • Dumbbells racks.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Gyms In JLT Dubai

  • What Is JLT In Dubai?

JLT In Dubai is an acronym for Jumeirah Lakes Tower Dubai, it’s one of the most developed cities in Dubai, JLT is situated in the southern region of Dubai, very close to Dubai Marina Area.

JLT Dubai is well known for its high-rise Buildings known as Towers, the city also has several artificial lakes.

  • Is There A Gym At Dubai Airport?

Yes, there is a Gym at Dubai International Airport,the Foremost G-force Health Club is the only Gym house at Dubai International Airport.

Best Gyms In JLT Dubai
Best Gyms In JLT Dubai


Our Article on the Gyms in JLT Dubai was written to expose you to the best Gym centers in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Do well to go through each Gym to know which Gym suit your Fitness Goals.


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