7 Best Gyms In Buda Tx

As you progress in your Fitness Journey, you should be selective in your choice of Gym, your most preferred Gym as an individual should match your interest.

For your sincere interest, I would expose you to the top Gyms in Buda Tx offering the best services.

Before becoming an active member of any Gym center, you should carefully examine its Facilities and Services to see if it is of top-notch quality.

To ease your stress we have compiled some of the Finest Gym Centers in the city of Buda that will cater for your Fitness needs at any level, depending on your preferences.

The City of Buda in Texas is one of the best destinations for Gym Enthusiasts, the city is one of the major towns in Texas.

Best Gyms In Buda Tx
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Buda has a striving Fitness industry, housing variety of world-class Gyms, the city has all it takes to cater for your Fitness needs irrespective of whether you are an athlete, Gym enthusiast, or someone who is just starting out in his/her fitness journey.

We sincerely encourage you to read through this blog post carefully to learn more about the services and Equipment offered by these Top Gyms In Buda Tx.

Cheap Gyms In Buda Tx

Below are some of the Cheap and Affordable Fitness Centers Situated in the City of Buda in Texas.

  1. Cibolo Creek Physical Therapy

Cibolo Creek Physical Therapy is one of the top Fitness Centers in Buda Texas offering quality Gym Services at an Affordable Fee.

The Gym Membership fee at this Fitness Center ranges from $35 to $60 monthly, whereas members who wish to participate in swimming trainings will be required to pay $45 per month.

  1. Factory Gym

Factory Gym is another outstanding Gym Center in Buda, whose Gym membership fees is quite cheap and Affordable.

The monthly Gym membership fee at Factory Gym is around $69 per month, whereas the Weekly Gym membership is $30 per week.

  1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Center also offers affordable Gym Services, The membership fee at this Fitness Center is categorized into a 24-month plan and a 12-month plan.

Members who subscribe to the 24-month plan will be required to pay $23 per week as Gym membership fee, whereas members of the 12-month plan will pay $27 weekly.

Surprisingly Anytime Fitness Center offers a Seven days free trial for new members enrolling at the Gym.

  1. Shred512 Fitness

The Next Affordable Fitness Center on our list is Shred512, Shred512 Fitness also offers a seven-day free trial for first-timers using the Gym Facility.

However, the membership fee at this Fitness Center ranges between,$79 to $149 per month, members who wish to have unlimited access to every equipment and service rendered by this Fitness Center will be required to pay a $149 monthly fee.

  1. Armor Up Fitness

Armor Up is the most Cheapest Fitness Center in Buda, Texas,trainings at this Gym are free and are been offered online.

Best Gyms In Buda Tx

Welcome back, let’s Get to see some of the Finest Gym Centers situated in the city of Buda in Texas.

  • Anytime Fitness Center
  • Factory Gym
  • Shred512 Fitness
  • CustomFitt
  • Sunfield Station
  • Armor Up Fitness
  • Get Right Get Tight Fitness
  1. Anytime Fitness Center
  • Phone:512-295-3488
  • Gym Address:1671 Main Street, Ste H Buda Texas

Anytime Fitness Center is among the Best Fitness Centers in Buda, Texas, this Fitness center is always open 24 hours.

It offers both in-person and online Gym Training, the online Gym training is being conducted through its software App and is for individuals who wish to exercise from the Comfort of their homes.

Surprisingly users of the Fitness App of this Gym House can access several of the top Coaches at Anytime Fitness Center, to get personalized instructions regarding their health, Fitness, and nutrition right from the comfort of their homes without visiting the Gym.

Anytime Fitness Center currently has about Four(4) Well-Experienced Trainers, The Fitness Center offers Fitness Consultation, Group workouts Training, and one-on-one training.

Surprisingly Anytime Fitness Center has about 4600 branches in top countries like Canada, Australia, United States, Columbia, China, Morrocco, Brazil, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand e.t.c

Anytime Fitness Center has a free parking space for members, the Gym also has several Cardio equipment and Free weights Equipment like Dumbbells, Squat Racks,Pilate Loaded e.t.c.

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  1. Factory Gym
  • Phone: 512-545-3589
  • Gym Address:2581, South Loop 4, Buda, Texas

Factory Gym is also one of the Best Gyms In Buda Tx, this Fitness Center is Always open from Monday to Friday(5 am to 10 pm), and also on Saturdays (6 am-10 pm), and Sundays(8 am to 8 pm).

This Fitness Center has a strong reputation for offering Bodybuilding Training, and Weight lifting exercises.

Factory Gym has several varieties of Strength Training Equipment like Ghost, Kabuki, and Arsenal equipment, this Gym center also has well well-equipped Cardio center.

The Daily Membership Fee at This Fitness Center is $15 while the weekly fee is around $30 per week, and the monthly membership fee is around $69 per month.

Just like other top Fitness Centers in Texas, this Gym also has a Fitness App where members can access quality training from anywhere in the World and also book appointments.

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  1. Shred512 Fitness
  • Phone: 512-760-5121
  • Gym Address:1245 Main Street, Ste 110, Buda Texas

Shred512 Fitness has all it takes to cater for your Fitness needs at any level, this Fitness Center offers several top-notch High Intensive Internal Training (HIIT), and strength and Endurance-based Exercises.

This Fitness Center also offers Nutrition Guide to help Gym members reach their Fitness Goals easily.

New members at Shred512 are also offered seven(7) days free trial, to participate in Training for free without paying a dime.

Gym members who wish to participate in Four(4) Pack training in a month will be required to pay $79 per month.

While members engaging in Eight(8) pack training will be Charged $129 per month, you will be charged $129 per month if you wish to have unlimited access to all facilities and Training at this Fitness Center.

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  1. CustomFitt
  • Phone: 512-295-0516
  • Gym Address:1760 FM,967 Suite D, Buda Texas

CustomFitt is well known for offering Personal Training Services, Corrective Exercise, and Manual Therapy.

This Fitness Center also offers virtual Fitness Training through its Fitness App, At its Fitness App members will be opportune to Strength training Exercises, Cardio related exercises, exercises that promote weight loss e.t.c.

Customfit also organizes a training boot camp for men and women yearly, the supposed training boot camp is for beginners and individuals who wish to keep fit.

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  1. Sunfield Station
  • Phone:512-523-4053
  • Gym Address:2610, Main Street Buda, Texas

Sunfield Station is among the best Privately owned Fitness Centers at Buda Texas, this Gym has state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to Fitness and sport-related Activities.

Sunfield Station is always open from 5 am to 11 pm daily, this fitness center has a conducive environment that propels members work towards reaching their fitness goals.

Aside from the Fitness center at This Gym, it also has a world-class event Center that is available for hire for any Events or Business Meetings.

Sunfield Station also offers Sport related programs like Basketball and Volleyball, non-members who participate in its sport-related program will be charged $10 per training.

Gym Membership Fee

  • Couples-$54.99
  • Individual-$39.99
  • Family of Three-$69.99
  • Family of Four-$84.99
  • Family of Five-$99.99

Gym Equipment

  • Treadmills
  • Bikes
  • Ellipticals
  • Row Machines
  • Assault Bikes
  • Cable Machines
  • Multiple Squat Racks
  • Dumbells

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  1. Armor Up Fitness
  • Phone: 512-773-3995
  • Gym Address:100 Precision Drive, Suite 401 Buda, Texas 78610, United States

Armor Up Fitness is also among the top Gyms In Buda, this Fitness Center offers only online training to its members.

This Fitness Center is best known for Strength training exercises and high-intensity fat-burning related exercises.

Armor Up Fitness also offers sport-related training for Children, to help kids fine-tune or improve their with respect to any sport that catches their interest.

Armor up Fitness is free Online Gym Center, members at this Gym receive trainings for Free, because all trainings are done Online, No Enrolment fee is required for you to participate in any training offered by this Gym.

Online Trainings at this Fitness center are being offered from Monday to Saturday 5:00 am to 6:00pm daily.

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  1. Get Right Get Tight Fitness
  • Phone: 512-7871412
  • Gym Address:1905 Military Hwy , Pineville, LA, United States, 71360

Get Right Get Tight Fitness center comes last on our list of Best Gyms In Buda Tx, this Gym offers Fitness trainings and Sport specific Training.

Most of the Training Packages offered by this Fitness center are schedule into four weeks, eight weeks, ten(10) weeks and Twelve(12) weeks.

Some of the other services offered by this Fitness Center include injury rehabilitation, body composure trainings, Couple training and personal trainings.

However this Fitness Center at Buda Texas is owned by Jeremy, who is a certified personal trainer and has over twelve(12) years coaching experience.

Surprisingly every second saturday of every month, This Fitness Center Organizes a morning Workout session at Buda Healthy Nutrition between 8am to 10am.

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Best Gyms In Buda Tx
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

See below;

Does Texas have 24 Hour Fitness?

Yes, the prestigious Fitness Center known as 24-hour Fitness is situated in several top cities in Texas, these cities include Austin, Dallas, North Dallas, Forth Worth, and Rockwall.

What Are The Best Gyms In Buda Tx?

  • Anytime Fitness Center
  • Factory Gym
  • Shred512 Fitness
  • CustomFitt
  • Sunfield Station
  • Armor Up Fitness
  • Get Right Get Tight Fitness


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