7 Best Gyms in Texarkana

Have you been searching for gyms in Texarkana where you can achieve your fitness goals having excess to all you need to get it done? If yes, this is the content you need.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about the fitness centers in Texarkana, discussing their membership plans, amenities, and services so you can join the one that best suits your fitness needs. Relax and enjoy your reading and ensure you go for the gym that suits your fitness needs.

Gyms in Texarkana
Gyms in Texarkana

Gyms in Texarkana

Here are fitness centers in Texarkana

  1. Planet Fitness Texarkana
  2. Anytime Fitness Texarkana
  3. Fitness Pros

Planet Fitness Texarkana

At Planet Fitness Texarkana, they are concerned about making sure their workout environment is where everyone feels accepted and respected.

They ensure their gym is clean and welcoming. Their friendly staff and certified trainers are ready to assist you in your fitness journey. Whether you are a first-time gym user or a fitness veteran, you will always have a home in the gym.

Their Gym Amenities

  • Access to bring a guest anytime
  • Use of any Planet Fitness worldwide
  • Use of tanning
  • Use of massage chairs
  • Use of hydromassage
  • Use of total body enhancement
  • Exclusive PF+ app workouts
  • Free fitness training
  • Free WIFI and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 1801 N Robison Rd Texarkana, TX 75501 United States

Phone: (903) 405-1616

Visit their website

Anytime Fitness Texarkana

At Anytime Fitness Texarkana, the support starts the moment they meet with you. Their coaches create a unique plan suitable for your fitness needs by taking into consideration your abilities, your body, and your fitness goals.

Their friendly and professional staff is trained to assist and support you along your fitness journey. With their gym membership, you get access to a free, no-pressure fitness consultation, global access to more than 4,000 gyms, and access to their gym 24/7.

Their Gym Amenities

  • 24-Hour Access
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Convenient Parking
  • Worldwide Club Access
  • Private Restrooms
  • Private Showers
  • HDTVs

Their Training Services

  • Personal Training

Their Membership Plans

  • 24-Month Plan for $17.99 (Due Bi-weekly)
  • 12-Month Plan for $21.99 (Due Bi-weekly)

Address: 3415 Richmond Rd Texarkana TX 75503

Phone: (903) 794-5348

Visit their website

Fitness Pros

At Fitness Pros, they are dedicated to bringing fitness professionals and its members together. In their gym, they provide each of their members with personal attention.  In their facility, everyone is with a top professional and everyone has a plan.

Their Services

  • One On One Training
  • Group/Class Training
  • Virtual Training

Their Membership Plans

  • JumpStart Trainer for $45 Every month
  • Silver Trainer 1x per week for $180 Every month
  • Gold Trainer-2x per week for $320 Every month
  • Platinum Trainer3x per week for $420 Every month
  • Elite Plus-4x per week for $480 Every month
  • Virtual Trainer App for $65 Every month
  • Group Membership for $150 Every month
  • 10 Session Pack for $175
  • 12 Session Pack for $480

You can check their website for more information on their memberships

Address: 3505 Summerhill Rd #18, Texarkana, TX 75503, United States

Phone: 903-244-1951

Visit their website

Other Fitness Centers in Texarkana

HOTWORX Texarkana

Address: 3638 Richmond Road Texarkana, TX 75503

Phone: (430) 200-0291


GYMBOX Fitness

Address: 2700 Richmond Rd Texarkana, TX 75503

Phone: (903) 336-3048


Legends Gym & Health Club

Address: 3315 N. Stateline Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503

Phone: (903) 792-(2639)


Thrive Yoga & Wellness

Address: 6500 Summerhill Texarkana, TX, USA 75503

Phone: +1903-556-9969


Gyms in Texarkana
Gyms in Texarkana

Conclusion on Gyms in Texarkana

The fitness centers in Texarkana are more than spots to work out. They are where people in the community come together, cheering each other on and getting stronger, not just physically but also as a tight-knit group.

Imagine the friendly, encouraging vibe you find there. The gyms in Texarkana are not just about exercise; they are about creating a supportive community where everyone feels they belong.

To get started with your fitness journey today, join any of the gyms in Texarkana that best suits your fitness needs and stay consistent in your fitness routine.

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