How to track workout progress

Do you want to track the progress of your workout to know if you are performing well or not? If yes, this content is for you.

While working out is good you also need to know how your performance is because if you are not performing well or you don’t how well you are performing, you won’t know if it is worth it or not.

This content is about How to track workout progress. Read till the end to get all the details you need about it.

How to track workout progress
How to track workout progress

How to track workout progress

Here are ways you can track your workout progress

  1. Keep A Fitness Journal: For you to track your workout progress, you will need to keep a fitness journal. To log your workouts as well as meals you take is not complicated. You can do this with notebook and pen, or a digital note on your phone or excel spreadsheet.

Put down in writing the exercises you engaged in as well as the number of sets of reps you engaged in. Record the weight used when you complete strength exercises. Record your time if you run a mile. Also make sure you add on the note how you feel after the exercise.

For you to track your diet you can use your journal. Work outs alone won’t get you the required results, so ensure you take healthy diets because it is important for you to get the required results.

You can spend a week putting down in writing what you eat instead of counting calories for every single thing each day.  When you pay attention to your eating habits, you will find out if you are missing out on nutritious or whole foods or if you are eating too many of what might not be good for you to take while exercising.

Take time to enlighten yourself on foods you are to eat as well as the quantity you are consuming presently. You can then start eating better foods or smaller portions.

  1. Make use of a Fitness Tracker or App: Another way for you to track your fitness progress is by making use of technology like Fitness trackers, smartwatches, and apps which will show as well as store important data from your workouts.

For instance, a Fitbit or an Apple Watch will tell you exactly the number of steps you have taken as well as monitor your heart rate over time.

You can decide to do it the old school way by making use of pedometer without bells and whistles if you are to track your steps.

Here are some of the functions of some of the devices used for tracking workout progress

MyFitnessPal helps you in making healthy choices. The app allows you to log meals, set your nutrition goals as well as make use of nutritional insights to plan your meals.

FitNotes assist you in keeping track of your movement whether at home or in the gym. The app helps you add logs as well as record reps, distances and times to your workout.

Using Strongly fitness tracker you can log previous workouts as well as create future workout routines. The total mass moved per exercise is also tracked using the app.

With Jefit app you can build custom workouts as well as plan for your next session. You can track your training as you go, zero in on body stats as well as analyzing your results.

The müüv app’s smart audio coaching personalizes your workout while integrating with Stamina equipment. The müüv app assist you in living an active lifestyle by focusing on minutes moved.

  1. Take Workout Progress Pictures: Another way you can track your workout progress is by snapping pictures of your workout progress. Progress pictures assist you in seeing the difference in your body from week one of your workout to week eight of your workout.

Ensure you take your workout progress pictures at the same angles, time of day and in the same light. You can as well wear the same clothes in all the progress pictures so you can easily get to notice the differences.

  1. Check Out How Your Clothes Fit: Another way you can track your workout progress is to use your clothes. Get that shirt you want to fill out or the pair of jeans you would like to fit into.

You will find out if you are making progress in the journey to reach your fitness goals by checking out the way a piece of clothing feels. Does it feel loose or tight? You can measure your progress once a month with the same clothing if you are to try this workout progress tracking procedure.

How to track workout progress
How to track workout progress
  1. Hop on the Scale: Another way you can track your workout progress is by hopping on the scale. The scale is a way you can measure weight loss. However, the scale does not tell you the complete truth. Weight fluctuates everyday as a result of water retention and bowel movements.

An adult’s weight can fluctuate 2 to 6 lbs. in a day. You may need to Daily weight watch out for larger weight increase that last more than a day or two.

These increases are not as a result of water though they may mean you are building muscle. Weight fluctuations are normal and will not stop you from achieving your goals.

Weighing only once a week and also making use of other measurements in tracking your success will be good if you live and breathe by the scale. Ensure to Weigh yourself first thing in the morning after making use of the restroom.

  1. Take Measurements: Because of the fact that the muscle weighs more than fat, making use of the scale can be deceiving. Since your muscle takes up less space because it is leaner than fat. When you measure your body, you will see incremental changes.

While making use of a tape for your measurements, ensure to measure and record the size of your neck, shoulders, chest, biceps, waist, hips and thighs once every week and select the same time of day as well as conditions when you measure.

For a broader measurement, you can try calculating your waist-to-hip ratio. This ratio will give you an idea of your overall health.

  1. Do the Squat Test: A way for you to gauge your core as well as leg strength is to squat. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart as well as your arms straight out in front of you. Then squat. How does it feel? Can you engage in several squats with good form? Do your knees collapse inward? Do you lean to one side? Check on these out to understand the effect on your body.

You can do the squat in front of a mirror so you can see your form. Watch yourself from the front and the side. Over time, your form will be improved and you will feel stronger.

  1. Check Your Blood Pressure: Another way to track your workout progress is by checking your blood pressure. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, your blood pressure will give you an accurate depiction of your overall health.

Blood pressure is an indicator of heart health, and is affected by exercise, nutrition as well as stress. While you engage in more workout, your body grows stronger as well as your cardiovascular system. Your blood pressure can show decreased heart and chronic disease risk.

  1. Challenge Your Body: How you feel is the greatest way to track your workout progress. You can determine enhanced strength, flexibility as well as endurance by challenging your body.

Pick one exercise and regularly engage in it. Check if you will be able to perform more reps than that of the last month. Also check if you were able to add weight as well as if the exercise feels easier.

When you track your workout progress this way, it will be based on what your body can do and not on how your body looks.

  1. Count Active Minutes: The final way to track your workout progress is by counting your minutes moved. If your goal is to be more active, counting minutes is an easy way to assist you in adding movement to your day.

Fitness trackers and apps can assist in keeping tabs on how much time you have been active each day. For instance, the müüv app tracks workout progress in minutes while coaching you through exercises as well as intervals. Every time you a workout is completed, whether it is walking, rowing, or stretching, the app gets to save the time you spent moving.


If you can strictly follow the different ways of tracking workout progress outlined here, you will be able to track your workout progress.

Remember that reaching your fitness goals is possible but comes with consistency, so if you will be consistent with your workout routines, then be sure to achieve your fitness goals.

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