How to motivate yourself to workout at home

It is very essential for you to stay motivated while working out. Getting bored with your workout routine will make you lose interest in exercising. If you have been experiencing boredom in your exercise routine or you don’t feel motivated about working out, this content is for you.

This content is about How to motivate yourself to workout at home. Read till the last dot to get all the information available on how you can keep up the energy and motivation in your workout routine.

How to motivate yourself to workout at home
How to motivate yourself to workout at home

How to motivate yourself to workout at home

Here are ways you can motivate yourself to work out at home

  1. Have a Dedicated Workout Space: You can create a workout space specifically for working out in your home. This will make it feel like you are going to the gym to work out.

The space may not be large because all you need is just to provide adequate space for you to move your body while working out. All your equipment for working out should be kept in this space and the space should be just for your working out.

  1. Eliminate Distractions: Keep your phone out of your workout space if you won’t be using it for your workout. When you check your phone while working out it makes your workout session prolonged as well as prevents you from concentrating on your workout.

If your phone is where you write down your workouts, you can try out writing them in a notebook to avoid distractions from the phone while working out.

You can try out using your TV or another screen where texts, calls, and emails don’t come in to watch the workout sessions you follow if you usually use your phone for streaming.

  1. Commit to a Set Time Frame (and Write It Down): Plan your workouts like they are meetings you must attend. Commit to a set time for your workout and write it down so you can always keep to the time. Seeing time set for your workout gets you ready to have that time dedicated to your workout.
  2. Choose Your Workouts in Advance: For you not to be ready to get started with your workout only for you to get stressed while searching for the workout you will do. To avoid this, select your workouts in advance by either writing down the workouts on paper or saving the links to the streamed workouts for easy access.

Ensure you stick to the workouts you have planned to do except in cases where something comes up. For example, if your legs are so sore that you are hobbling, you can switch from a full-body workout to an upper-body-only workout.  Making use of a fitness app can assist you with this.

  1. Join a Virtual Workout Community: You can join a virtual workout community where you can meet other fitness enthusiasts so you can be motivated to continue with your workout routine when you meet other people in the group working out too. There are so many online communities like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Peloton, and other online fitness communities for fitness enthusiasts.


  1. Work Out with a Friend Over Video: You can work out with a friend over video through Zoom, Facetime, or any other platform for you to have a video conversation with another person if joining an online community is not your thing.

Aside from the fun involved in having a home workout with your friend on video, it encourages accountability as you have someone checking out if you are doing it how it should be done.

  1. Invest in Equipment You Love: Ensure you invest in equipment you love because that will make you stay motivated in your workouts. For example, if you love kettlebell workouts, you will be motivated to work out if you have kettlebells.


  1. Track Your Progress: Ensure you track your progress while working out. If your workout goal is for you to lose weight, build muscle, or for you to reach any other health- or physique-related goal, tracking your progress will help you stay consistent with your workouts.

Having Progress pictures, food logs, as well as journal entries are good ways you can track your progress. A health or fitness app can assist with this as well.

  1. Hire a Virtual Personal Trainer: If you can hire a professional virtual personal trainer that will guide you through your workout sessions, customize workout plans for you as well as regular checks for your progress and feedback this will help you stay motivated in your workouts.


  1. Find a routine of exercises that you enjoy, and are effective and doable: Ensure you find an exercise routine that is effective, and doable and that you also enjoy doing this will make you stay motivated while working out. Your fitness trainer or someone who has knowledge of fitness can help you customize this.


  1. Reward yourself: You can put up rewards you will win if you achieve any of the goals you set. With this strategy, you will have something to look forward to getting when you reach the goal with a reward attached to it.


  1. Dress like you would if you were to work out in the gym: Dressing up like you will at the gym when working out at home will make you want to work out more.

Quick Ways to Psych Yourself Up

Some days, smart scheduling, and planning may not do the trick. Any time you feel tempted to use your workout time for Netflix bingeing, you can try any of the following tips.

  • Play Your Favorite Hype Song: When you play your favorite hype song, it will get you in the mood for you to work out even if you are feeling down.
  • Ask Your Housemate for Words of Encouragement: If you are staying with someone, shout that you can ask the person for words of encouragement that will give you the push to keep up with your workout routine. With words of encouragement, you can be motivated to continue with your workout.
  • Put on Your Favorite Workout Outfit: Putting on your favorite workout outfits can get you motivated to keep up with your workouts.
  • Voice Three Things You Want from Your Workout: Visualize the version of yourself that will manifest after your workout. Voice out loud three things you want from your workouts and this will motivate you to work out since the effects of exercise get to feel more tangible after you have done this.
How to motivate yourself to workout at home
How to motivate yourself to workout at home

Benefits of Workouts and staying motivated

  • Assist in the control of excessive weight
  • Workouts are an instant energy booster
  • Assist in fighting chronic diseases and illnesses
  • Workouts have an impact on your mental health and can as well enhance your mood by tackling mood swings.
  • A healthy workout routine assists in letting you sleep soundly without interruptions at night
  • Working out assists in the strengthening of your muscles and bones
  • Workouts assist in stimulating a glow on your skin. When you have a disciplined workout routine, there will be a visible difference seen in your skin health.
  • Assist in the relief of stress as well as soothing and relaxing your mind and body
  • Workouts assist you in being more active, which also assists in better brain health and developing better memory.

Disadvantages not being motivated to workout

  • Occasionally it might get too overwhelming for you to stick to or complete your own set goals of working out.
  • When you are not motivated, it can result in a lack of exercise and ill-health
  • Too much pressure on self-motivating yourself might lead to an unrealistic expectation
  • Too many tips can make you confused as well and you might not know where you can start the workout journey or how to start the workout journey.


Even though working out at home has many challenges like lack of motivation but with planning, smart scheduling as well as some mindset work, you will start enjoying your at-home workout routine.

Ensure to follow the strategies and tips outlined here so you can always be motivated to engage in workouts at home.

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