Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise 

Have you been searching for the benefits and problems that may come up when you engage in trampoline exercise? This content is for you.

The content is about the pros and cons of trampoline exercise. Read till the last dot to get all the necessary information you need about trampoline exercises so you can effectively engage in the exercises.

Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise             
Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise

Overview of Trampoline Exercise

Before we get to the benefits and problems let us discuss what trampoline exercise is.

What is Trampoline Exercise?

Trampoline exercise is a kind of aerobic exercise that one makes use of a trampoline to bring about training stimulus on the cardiovascular system as well as the musculature of the core.

Who is Trampoline Exercise Suitable for?

The exercise was popularly used by astronauts to recondition their bodies for the gravity of our planet. Trampoline exercises are not just suitable for spacefarers, but also good and useful to other people like individuals who want a special procedure they can burn fat.

Some studies show trampoline exercise matches running when engaged in at higher levels of intensity. The exercise can as well be beneficial to an athlete who wants to get extra training on their balance or related skills because the unpredictable as well as rapid tempo of trampoline exercise training can condition them so well in the fitness aspects they require.

Now let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise.

Pros of Trampoline Exercise

Let’s check out these pros of trampoline exercise

  • Excellent for Balance: As a result of the unpredictability of the trampoline as well as the high-level engagement of core muscle, the people who engage in the exercise can work on their sense of balance.

The exercise is beneficial to athletes as well as other people who need unconscious balance while in situations where they are tense as well as when they are tired.

  • Excellent for Aerobic Endurance: Continuous upward bounding in order to land once more in a quick sequence stresses the cardiovascular system and can bring about enhancement of various aspects of aerobic performance which aerobic endurance is the most notable one.

As a result of the mix of high caloric expenditure which is one of the features of a trampoline exercise and the benefit of aerobic endurance, the exercise is seen as suitable for people who swim for a long distance or for people who engage in marathon race because they need the benefits to excel.


  • High Rate of Caloric Expenditure: The fact that trampoline exercises burn calories at a high rate makes it beneficial especially for people who want to lose weight.

This is the reason why trampoline exercise ranked as part of the best procedures for weight loss. And it surpasses treadmill running as a method of weight loss because of the joint impacts as well as swimming in terms of how convenient it is.

  • Low Impact Cardio: Impact here means the proportion of acute stress put on the structures of the body in the course of constant carrying out the exercise.

While running is a high-impact exercise as a result of the fact that the feet often hit surfaces that are hard and may result in persistent injuries or even weaknesses, mostly for those who are like to be harmed by such problems.

Low-impact exercises on the other hand puts little or no stress at all on the joints as well as the bones of the body and this makes anyone engaging in low-impact exercises unlikely to get injuries that are persistent.

Trampoline exercise as a low-impact exercise puts little or no impact on the body as far as the person engaging in the exercise lands the right way, with their knees bent and feet pointed outwards.

That is to say that trampoline exercise is suitable for individuals with a history of lower body injuries or people who might possibly get chronic injuries.

  • Coordination, Agility, and Stability Training: Although trampoline exercises do not excel so well in improving the skills mentioned, the exercise offers a special environment that improves the skills in a manner that other types of exercise cannot.

The need to balance oneself all through each and every movement, the requirement of contracting the musculature of the core in an isometric manner as well as the coordination one needs to land the right way are all part of this athletic training needs.

Trampoline exercise is the right procedure that athletes who are in to honing their skills need to get the work done.

Cons of Trampoline Exercise

Let’s check out the Cons of Trampoline exercise

  • High Risk of Injury: When engaging in trampoline exercises, make sure you do it carefully because there are few ways the exercise can bring about the person being seriously injured mostly when the individual engaging in the exercise gets to land outside of the trampoline.

Not making use of the trampoline the right way may result in sprains in extreme cases, broken bones, and even concussions dependent on where the person exercising lands on their body.

It is advisable for you to engage in warm-up routines and make sure you are in a safe and spacious and safe environment before you begin any trampoline exercise.

  • Poor Strength Developments: Although it is technically possible to develop some level of lower body muscular strength from trampoline exercise, the general lack of resistance in trampoline exercises means no muscular hypertrophy or neurological strength adaptations occur while one engages in trampoline exercises. It simply means there is no stimulus to trigger such changes in the body.


  • May Cause Nausea and Dizziness: One of the disadvantages of trampoline exercise that can easily be noticed is the capacity of the exercise to get the person exercising into a state of dizziness.

The uneven as well as repetitive bouncing which is a feature of a trampoline can result in nausea and vertigo for people who are at risk of such conditions.

Though there is no way you can avoid these effects if you are part of such people, it reduces with more use of the trampoline.

  • Requires Space and Money: Trampolines are costly, especially the ones used for rebounding training. Then it is not advisable to buy them at discounted prices because your safety may be an issue when you are buying at discounted prices.

Trampolines also need enough space which includes both vertical and horizontal spaces and this is a result of the size and the reason that the person using it for exercise will launch into the air for many feet and so many persons don’t have access to this except in an outdoor setting.

Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise             
Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise

How Long Should can one Jump on a Trampoline to Lose Weight?

How long one can jump on the trampoline for weight loss is dependent on a number of factors and many of them come down to the person’s level of discretion.

Although trampoline exercise can burn up to 1,200 calories each hour at the absolute maximum which means that any person who wants to burn 600 calories while engaging in trampoline exercise will get to the ballpark of their goals if they put in approximately 30 minutes of exercise with the trampoline.

Is Jumping on a Trampoline a Good Exercise

The answer to this question is Yes. Jumping on a trampoline exercises your whole body. The g-force that bouncing produced assists in the building of muscles as well as burning fats quickly.

This makes all parts of your body firm including your legs, thighs, arms, hips, and stomach. The exercise as well enhances agility and balance.

Continuous as well as structured exercise with a trampoline enhances the circulatory system function, metabolism, bone, and connective tissue density as well as assists in the reduction of high levels of stress.


As a result of how unpredictable as well as the explosive nature of trampoline exercise, it is better for you to start out your workout by trying out a mobility drill, warm-up routine as well a short bout of steady-state cardio exercise before you then move to the trampoline exercises you want to engage in.

Remember to be careful while engaging in trampoline exercises. Consider the pros and cons so well before starting out to be sure this is something you will like to do.

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