How to Increase Shoulder Strength Without Weights

There are ways you can work on your shoulder strength without weights. If you have been searching for exercises you can do to work on your shoulders, this is for you.

The content is about how to increase shoulder strength without weights. Read till the last dot to get the information you need about how to enhance your shoulder strength.

How to Increase Shoulder Strength Without Weights
How to Increase Shoulder Strength Without Weights

How to Increase Shoulder Strength Without Weights

Here are ways you can increase your shoulder strength without weights

  1. Arm Circles: Arm circles serve as warm-up exercises but can also help you build your shoulder strength when done rightly.
Arm Circles
Arm Circles

How to carry out Arm Circles

  • Extend both arms out to the sides while you keep your elbows straight
  • Start making circles (make sure you keep those shoulder blades low, don’t let them creep up toward your ears).
  • You can play with the size as well as the direction of your circles
  • Since the only resistance you are working against is the weight of your arms, remember that duration is the key.

Do this for size and see how the shoulders feel. Try it out without resting between the transitions.

  • 30 sec small circles (forward)
  • 30 sec small circles (backward)
  • 30-sec large circles (backward)
  • 30-sec large circles (forward)

You can take a break after this and then do it as many times as needed after the rest

  1. Pike Pushup: There are many variations of the pike push-up.
Pike Pushup
Pike Pushup

How to carry out the pike pushup

  • Start with your feet on the floor or with your feet elevated for extra difficulty.
  • If you have tight hamstrings, you will keep your knees bent, which might make elevating your feet more difficult.
  • Place your hands in a wide push-up position and then your feet a little closer than you would have them for a push-up.
  • Bring the top of your head down toward the floor between your hands.
  • Ensure you control yourself to avoid slamming your head to the floor.

Since the exercise requires a fair amount of strength as well as control to carry out, ensure you are careful while engaging in it as well as make progress as needed.

To begin, you can start out with 3 sets of 5-10 and keep improving from there.

  1. Dips: Dips are one of the best strengthening moves for the upper body. Though dips usually work on the triceps and pecs, they also work so well on the delts.

How to carry out Dips

When using a bench/table for your dip workout do this

  • Place your hands at about shoulder width and scoot your butt off the edge.
  • While you Keep your body close to the table, slowly lower yourself down as far as comfortable
  • Return to your starting position.
  • With your knees bent, it makes it easier, and harder when your knees are kept straight.
  • For more progress you can place your feet on another bench, chair, or Swiss ball.
  1. Push-ups:   Pushup exercise also strengthens your shoulders. There are so many variations of the exercise.  The exercise can be performed anywhere as well as done by people of different fitness levels. Pushups are effective.

How to carry out Push-ups

If you are just starting out with pushups

  • Begin with the standard position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Keep your core tight and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back as you lower yourself to the floor.
  • Stop for a second and then return to the position you started from.
  • If the standard position is a bit challenging, you can begin on your knees and progress from there.
  • Try sets of 10 or to failure, which will depend on your skill level.
  1. Planks: Planks are a nice core strengthening exercise that strengthens the shoulders as well. There are many variations of plank exercise but as a beginner, you can begin with the standard plank exercise.

How to carry out Plank exercise

  • Start the standard plank with a push-up position and on your elbows to feel the differences.
  • If you get comfortable trying out the standard planks, then it is time to move to side planks where one of your arms feels the weight at a time.
  • Try out different trunk and arm movements while in the plank position.
  • Begin with 20-30 seconds, hold, and then move up from that duration.
  1. Decline Push-Ups: Decline push-up is one of the variants of pushup exercise and this exercise works on the leg muscles, strengthens the core, as well as improves the shoulder strength.
Decline Push-Ups
Decline Push-Ups

How to carry out the Decline push-up

  • Use an elevated floor bench or a floor mat with a stepper.
  • Place the bench on the side of your foot and straighten your body on the floor mat while you are facing down.
  • Place your feet on the bench with the balls of your feet.
  • Extend your legs while you assume a plank position and support your body with your hands.
  • Squeeze your glutes and core while lowering your chest towards the ground.
  • Straighten your elbows and also extend upwards.
  • You can try out 3 sets of 15 reps.
  1. Dolphin Dive: The dolphin dive exercise is useful in engaging anterior deltoids and arms. The muscles enable the shoulders to assist in carrying out your day-to-day tasks.
Dolphin Dive
Dolphin Dive

How to carry out Dolphin Dive

  • Begin by getting on your forearms and toes.
  • Your feet should walk a few inches away from the typical plank position in order for your hips to be raised in the air. In this way, you would be making a triangle shape with the floor.
  • Dive forward with your body until you get into a forearm plank position.
  • Move your shoulders forward while you return to a straight line.
  • Go back to the starting position for the next rep.
  • You can go for 3 sets of 10 reps.


If you can be engaging in these exercises that will help you in increasing your shoulder strength without weights, you will get the results you need.

But remember that consistency is what brings the results you need and not just the exercises, so be committed to your workout routine.

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