10 Best Gyms in Anaheim

When you exercise at a gym in Anaheim, you benefit from world-class strength training science in an environment that pushes you harder than you would on your own.

The gym in Anaheim is an inspiring location to train, with exceptional equipment and world-class coaches to enhance your experience, as well as areas to relax and refuel.

In a gym hall, you’re part of a driven community of ambitious professionals who take their jobs seriously and do them well.

With great detail, the room can accommodate any degree of passion and fitness you bring to each workout.

At the end of this post, make sure you’re prepared for any type of workout you can think of, in one of Orange County’s largest and nicest gyms in Anaheim.

Gyms in Anaheim

In this article you will find the Best Gyms around Anaheim, but that doesn’t mean the ones that aren’t listed in this post are not relevant too but for the sake of this post we will focus on the following gyms in Anaheim.

  1. Chuze Fitness
  2. Axioms Fitness
  3. Achieve Fitness
  4. OC Lab Gym and Fitness Center
  5. CrossFit Anaheim
  6. Planet Fitness
  7. Blink Fitness
  8. Fit Defined Personal Training
  9. Train Insane Gym
  10. GRND Fitness

1. Chuze Fitness

Chuze Fitness is a health club in Anaheim, CA, and their Memberships start at $15.99.

Their gym membership includes a variety of fitness equipment such as free weights, cardio machines, and strength machines.

Chuze Fitness provides services such as personal training, youth classes, Zumba, resistance training, strength training, and yoga classes.

For their  Premium members, they  can enjoy classes, tanning, hydro massage, infrared sauna, cycling, lap pool & jacuzzi, steam room, and unlimited visitor privileges, however access varies by location.

Contact: +1 657-549-8988

Address: 135 Beach Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92801, United States

2. Axioms Fitness

Axioms Fitness, located in Anaheim Hills, is an executive-sized health club created as a comprehensive training studio.

They specialize in semi-private training classes and personal training. Axioms fitness can suit people of all ages, fitness levels, and ambitions.

According to research, they have received the ‘Best Gym in Anaheim’ award three years in a row, placing them among the best gyms in Anaheim.

Their services include Personal training, Coaching, Semi Private Training and 24 Hour gym access and more.

Contact;+1 657-456-4301

Address: 5628 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807, United States

3. Achieve Fitness – Anaheim

Achieve Fitness – Anaheim focuses on making their members feel at home while they exercise.

They provide a variety of fitness services, including one-on-one, partner, group training and much more.

This encompasses fundamental workout techniques, daily mobility, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, and advanced circuit training.

Achieve Fitness goes above and beyond your expectations to ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrients.

So, if you’re seeking a safe and welcoming workplace, check them out.

Contact: +1 714-459-2530

Address: 10722 Katella Ave UNIT 6, Anaheim, CA 92804, United States

4. OC Lab Gym and Fitness Center

At OC Lab Gym & Fitness Center, they will assist you at every stage of your fitness journey.

If you want to attain your fitness goals, you can also work out at a Full Spectrum Fitness facility like the OC Lab Gym.

They will coach you and help you achieve your health goals; all you have to do is bring yourself.

You will get to know more about their membership payments when you enroll for any of their services.

OC Lab Gym and Fitness Center years of experience in the professional gym fitness training industry have equipped them with the knowledge that by incorporating the fitness science of multiple group fitness approaches into high intensity workout experiences, their members are better positioned to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Contact: +1 714-331-0406

Address: 3174 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

5. CrossFit Anaheim

They realize how scary it can be to embark on a new fitness adventure. So you don’t need to worry, they will make your journey as straightforward as possible.

Since 2009, CrossFit Anaheim has been helping people achieve their fitness objectives.

CrossFit Anaheim has the highest drop-in rate of any Orange County affiliate.

They do not believe in quick remedies or gimmicks. They prioritize your long-term success beyond anything else.

Their staff is dedicated to guiding and motivating each member to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

CrossFit Anaheim’s membership plans are designed specifically with you in mind. No matter what your fitness objectives are, there is a plan for you.

Their programs include flexible drop-ins, monthly memberships, and more.

Contact: +1 714-591-2669

Address: 1731 S Claudina Way, Anaheim, CA 92805, United States

6. Planet Fitness

They aim to establish a fitness atmosphere in which everyone feels embraced and valued.

That’s why Planet Fitness Anaheim takes care to keep their facility clean and pleasant, their staff friendly, and their experienced trainers ready to assist.

Their membership plan ranges from $10 plus taxes and fee pending on the package you’re subscribing for and above.

Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned fitness professional, you’ll feel right at home in their Judgement Free Zone.

Contact: +1 657-251-0222

Address: 1620 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States

7. Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness Anaheim is situated on West Ball Road, between Brookhurst and Yardley streets.

Blink Fitness believes in Mood over Muscle because they understand that how you feel on the inside is most important.

The membership dues, plus tax, are automatically charged on the first of each month. A $59.99 Annual Maintenance Fee is charged automatically on the third day of the second month after enrolling and annually on the anniversary of the fee’s charge.

Membership dues pricing may differ depending on the payment method chosen. Cancellation requires 30 days’ notice.

At  Blink Fitness, they provide the following such as Personal Training, GYM, Functional Exercises, Resistance Training, Strength Training, Weight Lifting, and Weight Workouts.

Contact: +1 714-790-3555

Address: 2251 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92814, United States

8. Fit Defined Personal Training

They’re committed to assisting you in reaching your fitness objectives with individualized training programs.

Fit Defined Personal Training have experienced personal trainers who are enthusiastic about coaching their members through their fitness journeys, whether they are beginners or want to take their routines to the next level.

They’re here to inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself, using cutting-edge equipment and a friendly community.

In comparison to larger fitness chains, they have lower prices.

Fit Defined Personal Training was founded out of a desire to give a place for those who are fed up with outrageous rates, large crowds, long lines, egos, and a bad atmosphere at commercial gyms.

They provide a cheerful, supportive environment in which you can escape the stresses of your daily life for a few hours each week.

Contact: +1 714-406-5896

Address: 710 South Brookhurst Street suite R, S, & T, 710 S Brookhurst St suite S & T, Anaheim, CA 92804, United States

9. Train Insane Gym

Train Insane Gym is a renowned fitness center and personal training gym dedicated to helping Anaheim residents improve their physical fitness in a fun, judgment-free communal setting for people of all fitness levels.

They provide small group and individual personal training, strength coaching, and nutrition consulting.

Their objective is to help you become the strongest version of yourself by teaching you how to control your body, eat properly, and train.

Train Insane Gym is more than just a place to exercise. It’s a judgment-free group that encourages friendship and celebrates each step along your fitness journey.

Contact: +1 714-383-3549

Address: 3160 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

10. GRND Fitness

GRND Fitness offers a unique gym training experience in Anaheim, where fitness meets flexibility and community.

Their revolutionary gym defies convention by offering a dynamic 10-station circuit that changes every day, rather than regular class schedules.

Training with them will allow you to dive into routines that combine strength, endurance, and core training, all led by specialized teachers who cater to all fitness levels.

At GRND Fitness, you will have the convenience of working out on your own time while being encouraged by a motivating and inspiring group.

You will also benefit from their comprehensive strategy, which includes frequent body metric tracking and tailored nutrition recommendations.

Contact: +1 714-603-7113

Address: 165 W Broadway, Anaheim, CA 92805, United States

Gyms in Anaheim
Gyms in Anaheim

Concluding remark on Gyms in Anaheim

After listing the finest gyms in Anaheim, you should be able to select which of the Anaheim gyms around you has the best facilities and with which you want to apply or become a member.

You might also do well to look through the gyms and choose the one that best prefects you.


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