7 Best Gyms In Kampala

The City of Kampala has all it takes to cater for Your Fitness Goals, in This Article we will narrow our Focus To the Finest Gyms In Kampala.

The Increasing Awareness Of the benefits of Regular Exercise has led to an upsurge in the number of individuals participating in workout Routines.

The Drive to remain Fit and Healthy exhibited by most Individuals has led to the Emergence of Modern Gyms, offering an all-inclusive Gym Service Targeted at Helping Gym enthusiasts reach their Fitness Goals Easily.

However, the City of Kampala isn’t Left out, most residents of Kampala are Enlightened about the importance of Engaging in workout exercises, more reason why there are diverse options of Gyms In Kampala to help Cater to the Fitness needs of Kampala’s Residents.

In our Resource, you will get to know some of the Finest Gym houses in the biggest and most populous city in Uganda.

For Reference, Kampala is the Capital City of Uganda, the City’s Fitness industry is currently the best in Uganda, housing Several world-class Gyms.

Without Further Ado Let’s Take a look at some of the best Fitness Centers in Kampala, highlighting some of their Facilities and services.

Best Gyms In Kampala

Let’s review some of the top Fitness Centers in the City of Kampala presently, their locations and contact information are also provided to help you locate your preferred Gym in Kampala.

  • Fitness Junction Gym and Spa
  • Paradise Fitness City
  • Horse Power Fitness Center
  • Aponye Health Club
  • Crossfit KLA
  • Meta Fit 256 Gym
  • Kampala Club

1. Fitness Junction Gym and Spa

  • Gym Address:3rd Floor,Block B, Forest Mall, Lugogo Bypass, Kampala, Uganda
  • Contact:07869-52323/075940-5095

Fitness Junction Gym and Spa ranks among the Top Gyms In Kampala, aside from the Gym, this Fitness center also has a Spa where it’s offers Massage services.

This Gym house is among the most beautiful fitness centers in Kampala, it’s has a serene environment that promotes all-round health and fitness, thereby enacting enough excitement on Gym members while on their Fitness Journey.

Fitness Junction offers Cardio Classes, studio Classes, Consultation services, and Body Mass Index tests where Gym members measure their body fat to help prevent health issues.

This Fitness Center also has a Juice Bar where Gym members can purchase all sorts of juices, foods, and salads.

Fitness Junction Gym currently has Three Fitness coaches, which are Joseph Wanzira, Sadam Odyem, and Nazeed Aziz.

This Fitness center is always open Monday to Friday 6 am to 11 pm, Gym members are also free to visit during weekends from 6am to 9pm.

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2. Paradise Fitness City

  • Gym Address:2nd Floor Acacia Mall, Kisementi, Kololo, Uganda
  • Contact:+256-0753-660-092

Paradise Fitness City is also among the best Gyms In Kampala, this fitness center is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Paradise Fitness City is always open from Monday to Sunday, opening time at this Fitness center is 6 am.

This Fitness Center currently has seventeen(17) experienced Fitness Coaches who train and Guide Gym members during Training.

Paradise Fitness City offers close to twenty-one Gym classes, the Fitness Center has about one hundred and Two(102) Gym Equipment.

Surprisingly Boxing and Karate Training Classes are also offered at this Gym,the Gym also provides members with necessary guides they could use in Improving thier Diet while they train.

The Monthly Gym membership fee at this Fitness Center is around $150 per month, whereas the annual Gym membership costs $1000 per year.

Below is the comprehensive List of Fitness Training offered at Paradise Fitness City, Kampala:

  • Cardio and Strength Training
  • Koona Dance Exercise
  • Indoor Cycling Exercise
  • Aerobics Class
  • Spinning Classes
  • Tabata Strength Workout Exercise
  • Full body workout
  • Kick Boxing

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3. Horse Power Fitness Center

  • Gym Address: Tank Hill Road, Kampala, Uganda
  • Contact:0706 820619

Horse Power Fitness Center is another outstanding Gym in the City of Kampala, this Gym opens at 6:30 am and closes at 7:00 pm every day.

Horse Power Fitness Center is best known for offering strength and weight-lifting training, the fitness has several varieties of strength and weight-lifting equipment.

Honestly, the range of Spinning equipment available at This Fitness Center makes it a perfect choice for Individuals interested in Spinning Related Exercises.

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4. Aponye Health Club

  • Gym Address: Buton Street, Kampala, Uganda

Next on our list of the Best Gyms in Kampala, is Aponye Health Club, this Fitness Center is always available for use from Monday to Friday(5:30 to 10:00 pm), and also on Saturdays(6:30 am-10:00 pm).

Aponye Health Club is well equipped with modern Gym Facilities, this Gym also has a Spa where Massage services are offered.

This Fitness center offers well-structured training and equipment to help aid activities like steambath, Zumba, Sauna, Boxing, and aerobic-related exercises.

Aponye Health Club also has a modern supermarket where Gym members can purchase various products, including drinks and nutritional supplements.

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5. Crossfit KLA

  • Gym Address: Old Port Bell Road, Plot 7 Kampala, Uganda

Kampala’s Crossfit KLA has all it takes to help you reach your Fitness Goals, the Gym center offers personalized attention to Gym members to assist them in archiving their Fitness goals.

Crossfit KLA offers a One(1) Hour workout class every day where Intended members or new members could join for Free.

Crossfit KLA currently has seven Experienced Fitness coaches who assist Gym members, the Gym is co-owned and managed by Lisa and Martijn, who are among the top leading Fitness Coaches in Uganda.

Gym Membership Fees

  • Gym Fee For a month-$85
  • Gym Fee For A session-$12

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6. Meta Fit 256 Gym

  • Gym Address: Tirupati/Mazima Mall,Ggaba road,Kabalagala/Nsambiya, Kampala, Uganda
  • Contact:+256-783-877-621,256-741-007811

MetaFit256 Gym is one of the Modern Gym centers In Uganda, this Fitness Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Aside from the physical workout Activities members engage in, this Fitness center offers Articles, images, and workout Videos to individuals to achieve their Fitness Goals.

Surprisingly MetaFit256 has a Kid area, where Gym members can keep their Kids why they concentrate on getting, without getting Distracted.

Most of the Training and Classes offered at MetaFit256 Gym are Charged at ushs 20,000 per class.

Some of the top Classes and trainings offered at This Fitness are Listed Below:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Gymnastics Classes
  • Sport-related Exercises
  • TRX Training
  • Adrenaline Obstacle Classes.

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7. Kampala Club

  • Gym Address: Plot 8 Ternan Avenue,Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda
  • Contact:+256-41-4230-577,256-670-367-53-55

Let’s take a look at the Famous Kampala Club, one of the Major Fitness Centers in the City of Kampala.

Kampala’s Club was established in 1911, the club was the First Sports club in Uganda,this Club has several ranges of sporting Facilities, Including a swimming pool, Badminton court, table tennis, darts e.t.c

This Sport club has a sports Shop where members can purchase all sorts of Sports Accessories like Jerseys, shoes, swimming kits, etc.

Kampala Club also has a business center, steam, Sauna, and massage for the sole benefit of its Club members.

Surprisingly This Fitness Club has a well well-furnished bar, where members can purchase any beverage of their choice.

Furthermore, Kampala’s Club has a Restaurant offering several Delicacies and snacks to suit the Appetite of visitors.

Honestly, Kampala Club is an all-inclusive Fitness center, it indeed provides members with several entertaining Gestures, to make sure its members have an Electrifying experience whenever they visit or use any of its Gym Facilities.

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Best Gyms In Kampala
Best Gyms In Kampala

Frequently Asked Questions On Th Best Gym In Kampala(FAQs)

See below;

How Much Is Gym In Uganda?

The Gym membership fee at most Gyms in Uganda ranges between ushs 10,000 to Ushs 40,000 per member, the term “ushs” is the official currency of Uganda.

Individuals who participate in Aerobic Exercises tend to enjoy the Cheapest Gym Membership in Uganda.

Aerobic Exercises on the other hand are Exercises that increase the heartbeat e.g. running, walking, Jumping e.t.c

What Are The Best Gyms In Kampala?

  • Fitness Junction Gym and Spa
  • Paradise Fitness City
  • Horse Power Fitness Center
  • Aponye Health Club
  • Crossfit KLA
  • Meta Fit 256 Gym
  • Kampala Club

How Do I Choose A Gym Membership?

  • Research on the Nearest Gym or Fitness Center close to you
  • In your List of Gym options, do well to have a Firm grip on thier history and reputation
  • Check the staff and support system of each Gym
  • Cleanliness should be taken into consideration when selecting a Gym
  • Also, the quality of equipment used by each Gym should also be taken into consideration.
  • Confirm the List of classes or Training offered by each Gym
  • Gym Membership Fee, you are advised to choose a Fitness Center that Fits your Current Financial Status.


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