8 Best Smart Fitness Gyms In USA

The Advent of Technology has indeed improved the service delivery of some Gym centers, Giving them an edge over Conventional Gyms, let’s see some of the Smart Fitness Gyms In USA.

Technology in recent times has indeed assisted Gym members in reaching thier Fitness goals easily unlike before.

Through Technology Gym Centers could give out training instructions to a larger population of its members, easily.

Take for instance a scenario where a Gym Center is Equipped with a Virtual Trainer, which gives on-screen training instruction to Gym members effortlessly.

You will sincerely agree with me that a Tech-driven Gym Center will indeed enhance work-out, and provide Gym members with a unique Fitness experience.

Such Technologically driven Gym centers are popularly known as Smart Fitness Gyms, these Gyms tend to rely mostly on technology to help their customers achieve their Fitness Goals.

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Surprisingly the United States being a Tech-driven Society seems to be the major hub for most of the best Smart Fitness Gyms in the world.

In This Article, I will indeed expose you to some of the Finest Smart Fitness Gyms In USA, where you can access modern Gym equipment.

What Is Gym Called In USA?

From Experience, Gym centers situated in the United States are popularly known as Fitness Centers or Health clubs.

What US State Has The Most Gyms?

Based on the records obtained from Statista, the City of California Has the highest and largest Fitness Gym in the United States, having over 5123 Gyms scattered all over the city.

What Is The Largest Fitness Club In The USA?

The Largest Fitness Gym In the United States currently is Planet Fitness, this Fitness center has over 2000 branches situated in most of the Top Cities in the United States.

Planet Fitness Gym is among the oldest Gym centers in the United States, it was established in 1992.

The gym Center was first launched in Hampton, Hampshire, before spreading to other cities in the United States.

What Are Smart Fitness Gyms In USA?

Smart Fitness Gyms In Usa are Top Gym houses in the United States Equipped with modern technologies targeted at making workout sessions more interesting and Engaging.

Top Smart Fitness Gyms In USA

Welcome back, let’s get to review some of the technologically influenced Gym Centers in the United States. Read on.

  • Smart Gym Peoria
  • Smart Fitness Studio
  • Fitness Hub
  • IntelliGym
  • Planet Fitness
  • Smart Strength
  • Body Smart Fitness
  • SmartFit Gym Waynesville

1. Smart Gym Peoria

  • Phone:+1-480-493-3408

This Gym center is among the top Smart Fitness Gyms In USA, Smart Gym Peoria is situated in the city of Arizona.

Smart Gym Peoria is always open to members twenty-four(24) hours a day, this Gym is among the cheapest in the United States.

With as Low as 9$ per month you could leverage on Gym to achieve your Fitness Goals, although you might pay more if you wish to access other Gym services like Hydro Massage.

New Gym members at Smart Gym Peoria are Entitled to a free thirty(30) days membership, which will give them access to all the Gym facilities and training for free within thirty(30) days.

Gym Membership Plans

  • Basic Plan-$9.99 per month
  • Smart Pass-$19.99 per month
  • Studio-$39.99 per month
  • XGT membership-$79.99 per month

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2. Smart Fitness Studio

  • Phone:+1-267-713-9403

Smart Fitness is among the modern Gym centers in the United States, it’s Gym house is situated in the City of Philadelphia, USA.

Smart Fitness Studio offers both online and on-site training to its Gym members, the fitness is well known for specific workout exercises.

Some of the Specific Workout Exercises conducted at this Gym center include yoga, chair Yoga, Mat Pilates, Spinning, Zumba dance Fitness, and Mixxedfit.

However, before participating in any workout activity at this Gym, every participant will be vaccinated and will also show proof of thier vaccination before gaining entrance into the Gym.

Gym Membership Plans

  • Spinning Class-$20
  • Saturday Yoga Class-$15
  • Zumba Class-$12
  • Mat Pilates-$20
  • Mixxedfit-$12

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3. Fitness Hub

  • Phone:+61-88-313-5403

Fitness Hub comes Next on our list of the top Smart Fitness Gyms In USA, this Gym is an on-campus Fitness Center of the University of Adelaide.

This Gym is one of the modern gyms in USA, and is being maintained and Regulated by Adelaide University sports office whose head office is located at North Terrace Campus.

Surprisingly this fitness center is opened both students and the General public, irrespective of if you are student or not.

Although students and Staff of University of Adelaide will be required to pay a cheaper membership fee compared to others.

This Fitness or health club of University of Adelaide is indeed well equipped with modern equipments, and personal trainers who are ready to assist you during workout activities or exercises.

Fitness Hub also offers full training in Boxing, Zumba, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga e.t.c. at separate days in a week.

Some of the Gym Facilities at This Gym Center Include:

  • Cardiovascular Equipments
  • Pin Loaded Equipment
  • Kettlebells
  • Separate Gym Facility for women
  • Free weights
  • Spin Studio

Gym Membership Plans

  • Membership fee for Three(3) months-$230
  • Membership fee for Six(6) months-$395
  • Membership fee for twelve(12) months-$600

4. IntelliGym

  • Phone:+1-800-383-1379

IntelliGym is a Smart Fitness Gym Center in Montville, Montville is among the top cities in New Jersey.

Surprisingly, intelligentGym was specially created for Athletes who are interested in Fine-tuning their Skills while relying on advanced technologies.

The major focus of IntelliGym is to improve the intelligence quotients(IQ) of Athletes because it’s believed the brain’s IQ is key to winning any Athletic Game.

This Fitness Center utilizes advanced Neuroscience technology to help improve the Intelligence of athletes.

Fortunately, this IntelliGym currently offers Intelligence trainings to soccer Athletes and Hockey Athletes.

Gym Membership Fee

  • Soccer IntelliGym-$9.95 per month
  • Hockey IntelliGym-$39.00 per month

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5. Planet Fitness

  • Phone:+1-718-933-4670

Planet Fitness is among the top ten(10) best smart fitness Gym in the United States, it’s has several fitness centers in several cities in the US.

Planet Fitness Gym Centers are situated in locations like New Jersey, California, New York, Florida, and Virginia.

Members of Planet Fitness have Unlimited Access to the Gym Facilities, they can train at any of the Gym branches, once they have a black card showing proof of membership.

Surprising members of this Fitness center are allowed to bring a friend or guest to the Gym to train, provided they have a PF Black card.

Planet Fitness also has a mobile app, for members to book classes, the app also contains a series of workout of videos, and equipment tutorials e.t.c.

This Gym house currently has two membership plans, which include a classic membership and PF Black Card membership.

The Classic membership plan is worth,$10 per month, members with this membership plan have unlimited access to the Gym equipment within their home club.

Members who purchase the Classic membership plan are not allowed to bring any guest or friend along when coming to the Gym.

Whereas the PF Black Card membership plan which is priced at $24.99 per month, allows members to bring a guest or friend along when coming to the Gym.

Aside from your Home Club, The PF Black Card membership plan gives you access to any of the Planet Fitness Branches anywhere in the world.

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6. Smart Strength

  • Phone:+1-630-608-4974

Smart Strength Fitness Centre is a Michigan-based Gym center, the Gym center is situated at Superior Street, Albion in the city of Michigan.

This Gym house is well equipped with modern Gym Facilities and offers individual training and small group private training.

Gym Membership Fee for small groups

  • Twelve Sessions per month-$480
  • Eight sessions per month-$360
  • Four sessions per month-$200

Individual Gym Membership fee

  • Unlimited drop-in membership and custom programming-$159 per month
  • Unlimited drop-in membership-$99 per month.

Gym Facilities

  • Dumbbells
  • GHR machine
  • 4x Peleton bikes
  • 4x rowing machine
  • 4x Treadmill
  • Kettlebells(9-124ibs)
  • Ropes, Foam rollers, active recovery gear

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7. Body Smart Fitness

  • Phone:+1-541-977-2731

Body Smart Fitness is among the best modern Gym centers in the city of Oregon, United States, the Gym house is open to members twenty-four hours every day, Monday to Sunday.

This Fitness Center is among the oldest Gym in Oregon, Body smart Fitness Center has been in existence since 1994.

With as low as $30 per month, you could achieve your Fitness goals using the Gym Facilities.

Body Smart Fitness Center has series of Cardio Gym equipments, free weights, and weight machines.

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8. SmartFit Gym Waynesville

  • Phone:+1-828-226-9668 

This North Carolina-based fitness center is also among the best Smart Fitness Gyms in USA, the Gym center is always open from 7 am in the morning.

SmartFit Gym Waynesville is among the safest Gym centers in the United States, the Gym was created to serve individuals who are interested in one-on-one training.

Surprisingly at this Fitness center, no one is allowed to enter during the training session of any Gym Member.

Once any Gym member finishes, steps are taken to clean and sanitize the Gym,the air and equipment is also disinfected with hypochlorous acid electrostatic spray, before the next Gym member comes in.

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Smart Fitness Gyms In USA
Smart Fitness Gyms In USA

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions about the Smart Fitness Gyms In USA;

What Is The Most Popular Gym In The US?

  • Smart Gym Peoria
  • Smart Fitness Studio
  • Fitness Hub
  • IntelliGym
  • Planet Fitness
  • Smart Strength
  • Body Smart Fitness
  • SmartFit Gym Waynesville
  • Smart Strength

What Are The Five Types of Fitness?

  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Body Composition
  • Cadiorespiratory Fitness
  • Muscular Strength.

Concluding remark on Smart Fitness Gyms In USA

This Article on the Smart Fitness Gyms In USA was written to show you the most advanced Fitness Centers in the United States.

The Location for the aforementioned gym centers are indicated, to give you a clue of where to find them, whenever you feel like having a workout session.


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