10 Best Strategies For Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Do you know Overcoming Gym Intimidation is possible?

Going to the gym as a first-timer or after a long period of absence from the gym can be very intimidating because as a first-timer, you will be nervous to see people engaging in exercises you are still yet to start with the beginner phase while as someone absent from the gym for a while, you will be bothered about how fast you can get back to the pace.

One thing you should never allow to happen is for you to lose the opportunity to become healthier and more fit because of the intimidation.

Always have it in mind that even the people you think the exercises they engage in are intimidating had their first-time moments too. So instead of allowing it to intimidate you, see it as an opportunity to be with people who are experienced and will help you in your fitness journey.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss ways you can overcome gym intimidation. Read till the last dot to get all the details.

Overcoming Gym Intimidation
Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Overview of Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Before we get down to the ways you can overcome gym intimidation, let’s talk about why people get intimidated in the gym.

Gym intimidation is called Gymtimidation and what one person sees as intimidation in the gym may not be what the other person will see as intimidation.

While some people will see the size of the gym as intimidating, others might see how to use the equipment as intimidating and some others may feel this anxiety because it brings up their insecurities about body image, confidence, and self-perception.

The reason why gymtimidation is harmful and calls for you to overcome it is that it can make someone not meet their health goals as it causes them to end a session early, skip a session entirely, or let their membership end without reinstating it. Always remember no one is born knowing how to do it all correctly. You need to be brave enough to be a beginner.

You can’t sort out an issue you don’t understand. So, before anyone can overcome gym-based anxiety or fear, they must recognize when it happens and the cause of the intimidation.

To find out when it happens and what causes it, you need to ask yourself these questions before you decide on how best you can solve the problem of intimidation in the gym.

  • If I had to explain the concerns I have about going to the gym, how would I explain it to my friend or any other person I need to share the concerns with?
  • What are my three major concerns about the gym environment?
  • What would aid me in improving my sense of belonging and confidence in the gym?

Giving answers to these questions by writing them down or talking about them with your friend, colleague, or family member will assist you in revealing the reasons for the intimidation you feel in the gym and also help you get a plan on how to correct them so you can enjoy your gym workout without feeling intimidated.

Overcoming Gym Intimidation
Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Strategies for Overcoming Gym Intimidation

So, let’s look at the strategies that can help you overcome gym intimidation.

Check out these strategies and find out the one that works for you and get down to work to get free from the intimidation you feel in the gym.

  • Try out other options: You can check the other facilities available near you or in your general location, you might get a gym that is smaller in size with fewer members too.

Then if you think you cannot cope with the smaller gyms too, you can hire a virtual personal trainer or health coach who you can work with till you start feeling more confident with your progress and ready to join a gym.

  • Bring a friend to the gym: There is power in numbers and bringing your friend along to the gym makes it possible for you to get the needed social support and accountability. Take a friend to the gym to work out with you.


  • Be comfortably dressed: Not feeling comfortable in a workout environment where tight clothing or revealing clothing is worn often may be part of the reason why you experience gymtimidation.

To avoid this, you need to invest in workout gear that you will be comfortable in than selecting what you think is popular.

  • Avoid peak times: Every gym has its peak hours when their gym space has more people working out. Mostly, this means between 5-7 a.m., noon, and after 4 p.m. If you experience gymtimidation, you might have to avoid going to the gym for your workouts at their peak times.

For you to know the peak times of the gym, you can enquire from the front desk or manager so you be able to avoid being in the gym when a large number of people are working out.


  • Check out a group class: If you feel more comfortable taking part in a collective group that suits your skill level and experience, then it means a small group class or small group personal training might be what you need to be part of to overcome the intimidation you feel in the gym as well as reach your fitness goals.


  • Ask for an orientation: Many gyms offer an introduction to equipment sessions which will help you understand how to use the equipment right. If it is not specifically advertised as a benefit you get as a member, you can contact the fitness manager and enquire if someone could give you a tour and show you the basic things you need to know about the equipment.


  • Create a power playlist: Since music motivates and also assists in taking the focus off the environment, you can create a playlist you listen to while working out. But if music is not your preference, you can check out a podcast or audiobook to enjoy while you work out.
Overcoming Gym Intimidation
Overcoming Gym Intimidation
  • Celebrate your wins: Making it to the gym is a win if you are experiencing anxiety. So, you can celebrate that. Then you can take it further by creating a weekly log or journal of your accomplishments. Remember to always celebrate your wins.


  • Try out a streaming fitness service: If it is your first time getting involved in a physical activity routine, you can try out an online streaming service to practice strength and confidence building before you venture into a new gym so by the time you are ready to get started in a new gym, you won’t be experiencing gymtimidation.


  • Give yourself grace and space: The anxiety you feel in a gym atmosphere is more common than you might think. Other people experience it too. So, accept the fact that this might happen more than once, and it is fine for you to feel this way and it is more than acceptable to ask a gym employee for assistance. With time you will get used to the gym environment.

Overcoming gymtimidation is not something that happens immediately, just like reaching your health and fitness goals, it is a process that takes time to get the results you need.

Don’t be in a hurry to overcome it instead be focused on taking the first step forward and with time, you will overcome the intimidation.


In summary, remember there is no single strategy that helps you achieve personal health goals and there is no single strategy to overcome gymtimidation that works for everyone who encounters anxiety when exercising in a gym.

So, be sure to try the ones that will work for you, and remember with time while trying them out you will get to overcome gymtimidation.

But never allow the intimidation you feel to discourage you from achieving your health or fitness goals. Go for your goals, achieve them, and be happy you did.

Frequently Asked Questions About Overcoming Gym Intimidation

  1. Can Gym intimidation be overcome?

Yes, it is very possible to overcome gym intimidation. But before you get to overcome the intimidation, you will first understand why you feel intimidated and when it happens, and then find out the strategy that will work for you.

  1. What can make one feel intimidated in the gym?

So many things can cause intimidation in the gym. The size of the gym, the number of people in the gym as well as fear of not using the equipment right can cause gym intimidation.

  1. Can working with a personal trainer help you overcome gym intimidation?

Yes, you can work with a virtual trainer till you get more comfortable to start working out in the gym, and by this, you will overcome gym intimidation.

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