What to look for when joining a gym

When you are joining a gym, it is very necessary you check out for things that will help you get the best results when working out. The availability of all the things that will help you get your desired results from the gym you register with is very essential.

In this content today we will discuss what to look for when joining a gym. If you are planning on joining a gym where you can start out your fitness journey or continue with your fitness goals, this content is for you. So, what you will need to do is to relax and read it all to the end of the content.

What to look for when joining a gym
What to look for when joining a gym

What to look for when joining a gym

Ensure to try out most of the gyms you want to make your choice from by getting a free pass for at least seven days in order for you to check out their different facilities. Also, ensure you visit these gyms on the days you will be working out so you can check out if their gym is always crowded as well as get to check out the machines they have and their group fitness classes if it is your emphasis.

So now let’s get to talk about the things you need to check out before you get a membership of any of the gyms.

Here are the things you need to look out for when joining a gym so you can make the best decision that will help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Location: The location of the gym is something you need to be very sure of and this will help you in your decision-making. The location should be convenient for you. Ensure the gym is either close to your house or your job depending on your exercise time, but make sure the location is convenient for you.


  • Hours: It is also very important for you to know the hours the gym is open. Don’t assume that most gyms are open at all hours of the day. Ensure that the gym is available for all the times as well as the days you will need to work out.


  • Cost: Gyms operate differently, but before you join any gym you will need to sign a contract as well as pay a specific amount of money monthly. For you to be sure you are getting the most from your money, check out the following in the gym:

Look for specials: Many gyms provide monthly specials, no-initiation fees, free personal training, or a few free months. Ensure you make inquiries from anyone you are asking about the gym on their available specials before you register with the gym.

Negotiate: Most gyms have negotiable membership features so you can ask them to waive the initiation fee, change the contract terms, or even ask about lower monthly payments.

Research: Don’t be in a hurry to register for the first gym you check out, you can carry out more research about other gyms.

Checking out other gyms in the area will give you the information you need on what other gyms are charging as well as their specials and with this information, you will be in the right position to negotiate and as well get a better deal.

Read the fine print:  Ensure you know if there is a penalty for getting out of your contract early, as well as knowing if there is an option to put your membership on hold if you get injured, sick, or have a long trip.  Also, find out how you can get out of your membership before you sign up.

  • Features: Ensure the gym has available everything you want to participate in like racquetball, tennis courts, pools, fitness classes, specific machines or equipment, personal training, physical therapy, etc. If your family will be joining you at the gym, ensure the gym you register with is right for your family’s needs.


  • Atmosphere: Though you may not be comfortable with registering in a crowded gym, make sure there are people around having people around adds energy to your workout.

Ensure you pay attention to how the gym feels. Know if the music in the gym is too loud, and find out if there are waiting lines for any machines. Check out if there is enough space for people to carry out their workouts. Also, ensure you feel comfortable in the gym.

If you notice the gym feels like a dance club and you are there for serious exercise, you may not be as motivated to work out there. Touring the gym at the times you want to be working out will make you see what your experience will be firsthand.

  • Environment: Another thing you want to check out about any gym before you get registered as a member is the environment. Check out if the gym is clean and Spacious. You can also check out if they have TVs and if the TVs are enough around the cardio machines so you don’t get bored.

You can also check out if you can listen to the stations on your headphones. You can check if there are spray bottles around the gym so people can wipe down the machines after use. Ensure the gym has clean as well as well-stocked bathrooms.

  • Childcare: Check the hours of the childcare facilities of the gym (some only operate within certain hours) and the space. Check out if it is overcrowded. Get to find out if they have enough employees. Be sure you will be comfortable leaving your kids there before you get to register in the gym.


  • Parking: Check out their parking space to be sure during busy hours (which is mostly after work) you don’t have to spend an hour looking for a place to park.
First time going to the gym what should I bring
First time going to the gym what should I bring

First time going to the gym what should I bring

You don’t have to get stressed considering what you should take to the gym the first time you will be there. That is why will put together the list of things outlined here that you will need to take to the gym.

Here are the things you should take to the gym.

  1. Sneakers: Since it is essential you take your sneakers to the gym forgetting them won’t be nice. So, ensure you always pack your sneakers first when packing up things you are taking to the gym in your gym bag. Make sure you don’t forget your socks too.


  1. Headphones: If you enjoy listening to songs while working out, always ensure to add your tiny earbuds or the larger, over-the-ear style headphones (depending on the ones you use) to your gym bag. Listening to motivating music as well as having quality headphones can totally make the difference between a good workout and a great workout.


  1. Reusable water bottle: Staying hydrated is very important during workouts, so ensure you have a bottle of water close by while you work out. We recommend you make use of a reusable water bottle as they are better for the environment as well as keep your water colder for longer.
  1. Gym clothes: Ensure you go to the gym with your gym outfits. To help you remember things you have packed into your gym bag you can make a small list as you go and pin it to your bag. When you don’t remember if you have packed something, you just check the list. 
  1. Dry shampoo: If you don’t have the time or energy to shower after your workout, you can bring along a bottle of your favorite dry shampoo, you can soak up excess oils and sweat from your strands while you add volume and texture to your roots.


  1. Shower essentials: If you have plans of having a quick rinse after working out, ensure you pack a small makeup bag containing your shower essentials.

From strengthening shampoos and conditioners to a lightly scented body wash, make sure everything you need to feel squeaky clean from head to toe is available in the bag.

  1. Cleansing wipes: Ensure you have cleansing wipes in your bag as a woman going to the gym for a workout.

Cleansing towelettes can be a lifesaver after the gym. From the removal of sweat and makeup to acting as an impromptu odor neutralizer, cleansing wipes are a must for any woman’s workout bag.

  1. Deodorant: Make sure you take your deodorant to the gym. Keep body odour at bay before, after, and during your workout by swiping your underarms with a lightly scented deodorant.

Whether you choose vegan formula or opt for a clinical strength option, ensure your deodorant is always on hand.

  1. Wide-toothed comb: Kick annoying tangles to the curb by packing a wide-toothed comb in your gym bag. These gentle tools are perfect for the delicate removal of snags and knots from your strands.

Ensure to detangle from the bottom up in order to prevent any unnecessary damage or breakage to the hair.

By working from the bottom up, you reduce the chances of damaging your hair as you won’t be tugging downwards on your hair which can cause your knots to become entangled with one another.

  1. Compact microfiber towel: Sometimes gym towels may not get the job done. Make sure that you have a clean, fresh towel after your workout by bringing your own from home.

Many fitness and wellness companies make compact microfiber towels that are perfect for bringing with you on the go.

  1. Snack:  Make sure you bring snacks you will take after exercise to the gym. One of the best ways to heal your body after a workout is by having a light, protein-filled snack, according to Self.

We recommend you bring along a protein bar, walnuts, or your favorite fruits to keep your blood      sugar in check as well as assist in the speed-up of the healing process.


From the content you have gotten the information you require on things to look out for before you join a gym. Ensure you check for all of them so you can make the best decision on the gym where you will reach your fitness goals.

If you get to register with any of the gyms after checking out for all the things outlined here, you can then go for their gym orientation from any of their staff or personal trainers who will give you basic information on how to use the machines.

Ensure you add all the things you will be needing in the gym to your gym bag before going over to the gym for your workouts.

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