6 Best Gym Workout Apps In USA

Modern technology has greatly influenced the Fitness Industry, the invention of technologies like The Best Gym Workout Apps In USA has greatly helped individuals to exercise anytime irrespective of their Schedules.

Workout Apps are also called Fitness Apps, they are Software Applications designed to give users personalized workout training, to achieve their Fitness goals.

Oftentimes, you might not be privileged to have a structured workout routine at the Gym, due to your busy schedules or work.

We understand that this might pose a threat to your Fitness Journey, reason why we took out time to compile a comprehensive list of The Best Gym Workout Apps In USA.

The Highlighted workout Apps in this blog post, will sincerely help bridge the Gap irrespective of your work schedule or routine.

Through these Workout Apps, you can monitor your fitness, train, exercise anytime and anywhere in the world.

Surprisingly some workout Apps owned by Top Gyms in Usa, do offer live workout sessions through thier software App, thereby helping users access fitness programs from the comfort of thier homes.

When Subscribing to a Fitness App, users might need to pay a subscription fee, but it’s quite more affordable and Flexible compared to a Gym membership.

Without Further Ado, let’s have a detailed review of each of the Best Gym Workout Apps In USA, we got you covered.

What Is The Best App To Track Gym Progress?

Below are some of the best workout Apps you use in tracking your Gym progress, do well to read through them carefully.

  1. MyfitnessPal

MyfitnessPal is one of the best Fitness apps you could use to track your Gym progress, Aside from monitoring your Gym progress, this app also provides free tips on Nutrition and waste management.

  1. Strong

Strong is also among the best Fitness Apps you could use in tracking or monitoring your workout Activity.

The strong App also provides instructions and training targeted at helping Users build thier muscles effectively and maintain their weight.

  1. Fitbod

Fitbod is another outstanding Fitness App to Track your Workout progress as an Individual, this app helps users in structuring a workout routine with respect to thier fitness Goals.

  1. JEFIT

With JEFIT Individuals could track thier Gym progress and also get to monitor thier progress in strength and cardio-related workout Activities.

5. StrongLifts 5*5

The StrongLifts 5*5 software Application is designed to monitor a user’s progress in strength training-related exercises.

What Is The 12 Week Workout App?

A 12-Week Workout App is a software application that has an intensive twelve(12) weeks workout plan and training covering core exercises like cardiovascular exercises, strength training exercises, Flexibility exercises e.t.c.

What Are The 4 Types of Gym Training?

  • Cardiovascular Training or Aerobic Training
  • Strength Training or Resistance Training
  • Flexibility or mobility training
  • Balance and Stability training
Best Gym Workout Apps In USA
Best Gym Workout Apps In USA

Best Gym Workout Apps In USA

Welcome back, let’s discuss some of the Finest Gym Workout Applications in the United States, read through to see the best workout App that suits your Fitness Goals.

  • Fitbod
  • Nike Training Club
  • MyFitnessPal
  • StrongLifts 5*5
  • 8Fit
  • MapMyFitness By Under Armour

1. Fitbod

Fitbod Comes first on our list of the Best Gym Workout Apps In USA, this software Application helps Gym enthusiasts create a workout plan with respect to their goals and Aspirations.

Fitbod Fitness App is owned by a Fitness Company situated in the city of San Francisco USA, the supposed company was established in 2015.

The Workout plan designed by this Fitness App is well structured with respect to the user’s strength, muscle, and endurance.

Surprisingly this Fitness App has a particular option where individuals could fill out their workout performance, to help track their Gym progress.

Through Fitbod users could have access to several exercises that could cater to any fitness level or preference.

The App covers several pieces of training on different workout styles, strength training exercises, cardio, and Flexibility-based exercises.

With The Fitbod App, you are free to choose the number of days you wish to train and adjust each training session to fit your schedule.

Below are some of the Top Exercises offered by the Fitbod Software Application:

  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl
  • Hammer Curls
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Dumbbell Bench press
  • Barbell Bench press
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Cable Row
  • Dumbbell Fly

Official  Webpage for Workout App

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is also among the Finest Fitness App in the United States, this App is owned by Nike.

This Fitness App also offers different training on workout styles e.g yoga, Cardio, strength training exercises e.t.c

Nike Training Club offers training and instructions in written, video, and audio format, offering users the opportunity to learn from experienced trainers using different approaches for easy understanding.

Aside from the workout programs offered by this App, the App also updates users with nutrition and mindset tips that aid them in reaching thier Fitness Goals Faster.

Surprisingly through this App Users could purchase all forms of Fitness Accessories or Kits for kids, men, and women.

The supposed Fitness Kits or accessories sold through this App are of best quality and are produced by Nike.

Aside from Fitness kits, you could also purchase other Nike products like shoes, clothes, caps e.t.c.

Nike Training Club gives users access to training for free, although the App has an Advanced section for premium users.

The Nike Training Club App is available is compatible with both IOS and Android devices, you can also download this Fitness App on a PC.

Official Webpage For Workout App 

3. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is also among the Best Gym Workout App In USA, this Fitness App was created in 2005, by MyFitnessPal Inc a fitness company based in Maryland, USA.

This Fitness App was later Acquired by Under Armour in the year 2015, the App allows users to create an Account for free.

MyFitnessPal was designed to help users monitor their Diet and exercise, with the sole Aim of Improving the Health of users and also helping them achieve their Fitness Goals.

The App allows Users to set personal goals that complement Their routine, below are some of the Key features of this Fitness App.

  1. Food Diary

This Fitness App has a section where users can monitor their daily food intakes, through this option, users are allowed to fill out their daily food Intake.

Surprisingly the Food Diary of this App has comprehensive information for all food types, users will get descriptive information of any food once they Fill in the food details.

  1. Calorie Tracker

MyFitnessPal has an option where users can monitor their calories, making sure it matches the user’s goals.

This Section also provides users with nutritional information that will suit their daily calorie Target.

  1. Exercise Tracker

The App Has An Exercise Tracker where users can track or monitor their Gym progress, this section calculates the amounts of Calories burned during Workout Activity.

We Sincerely suggest you visit the official webpage to get detailed information regarding the features of this App.

Webpage for Fitness App

4. StrongLifts 5*5

This App being Part of the Best Workout Apps In the United States allows users to Sign up for free.

the StrongLifts 5*5 Fitness App was created by Mehdi a Belgium-based Fitness Coach, who was well known for His Expertise in 5*5 workout exercises.

This Fitness App helps users build strength muscles with strength training exercises, The App provides users with a comprehensive workout plan.

Through this App, individuals will get to know the exact exercises they need to engage in when next they visit the Gym.

Stronglifts 5*5 has an option where users could monitor thier weight, this section exposed users to a list of planned-out exercises with respect to thier starting weights.

Users who strive to complete the supposed Exercises will receive a boost in thier weight through the App.

Stronglifts Fitness App is available for Android and IOS devices, users can install this App on thier Android, Apple phones, iPads, Apple watches e.t.c.

Top Training Exercise Programs in The StrongLifts 5*5 App

  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift
  • Barbell Row
  • Dips
  • Overhead Press
  • Pullups

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5. 8Fit

The 8Fit workout App was created by a startup based in the city of Berlin, the supposed startup company was jointly founded by Pedro Sola and Padro Villalba.

8Fit was created to help users improve their health through workout Activities and well-structured Nutritional plans.

This Workout App assists users in reaching their Fitness goals by combining exercise and nutritional guidance Altogether.

Surprisingly the 8Fit workout App offers a boxing Pyramid, which is being Facilitated by Coach Emily.

The App also provides a list of Healthy recipes users could prepare for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Honestly, the meals or snacks listed on the 8Fit Fitness App are quite nutritious and Easy to prepare, Visit the App For More Clarity.

Webpage For Fitness App

6. MapMyFitness By Under Armour

MapMyFitness By Under Armour is another Unique Fitness App In the United States, the App was created by Robin Thurston, one of the past Chief Digital Officers of Under Armour.

This workout App is honestly best Fit For athletes, most especially Athletes who engage in Activities like running, cycling, walking e.t.c.

Having the MapMyFitness  Workout App in your pocket when running or walking will aid you in tracking all routes, distance covered, duration, and Calories released.

The tracking of the Routes and distance done by this Workout App is due to the GPS Feature in the MapMyFitness App.

MapMyFitness App also offers users Access to a large community, with users from different parts of the world.

Through this community, users could participate in any form of Fitness Challenge together with Friends at no cost.

Just Like other top Fitness apps, the MapMyFitbness App also has a section where users can Fill out thier Daily food intake to see if Fits thier Fitness Goals.

The App also provides Nutritional Tips to users, making them understand the Relationship between thier workout and nutrition.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

See below;

What Is The Best Gym Workout App?

  • Fitbod
  • Nike Training Club
  • MyFitnessPal
  • StrongLifts 5*5
  • 8Fit
  • MapMyFitness By Under Armour
  • Peloton
  • Sworkit
  • Fiton
  • Fitbit Coach
Best Gym Workout Apps In USA
Best Gym Workout Apps In USA

Is There A Free App That Creates Workout Plan?

Yes, there are several Fitness Apps you could utilize in creating your workout Plan for free, they include Fiton, MyFitnessPal, JEFIT, Fitbod, MapMyFitness e.t.c.


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