12 Best Boxing gyms in Sydney

If you a resident of Sydney that is interested in knowing gyms for boxing in Sydney, this content is for you.

This content is about Boxing gyms in Sydney. When you are going for the best results in fitness you go to the places you will get it. Check out these places here because they are the best gyms for boxing in Sydney.

Boxing gyms in Sydney
Boxing gyms in Sydney

Boxing gym Sydney

Here are Boxing gyms in Sydney

  1. Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney

About the Gym

The gym was established in 1997 and is the home of Olympic-style competition boxing. Their gym is a membership-only gym for boxers that are non-professionals and in competition-style boxing classes for all ages.

No matter what your goal is, they have classes that suits it. Their gym is for people of all ages.

Their Programs

  • Black Shirt Program
  • Private Training

Their membership plans

  • Black shirt program for $40 per Week
  • Kids 12 years < ongoing for $25 per Week

For more information on their other membership plans click here

Address: 20/118 Queens Rd, Five Dock, NSW, 2046

Phone:  0418 217 244

  1. No Quarter

About the Gym

At No Quarter, they focus on Boxing and Functional Fitness. They have been operating in the South Sydney community for the last 15 years. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, No quarter is the place for you.

Their Classes

  • Fitness training
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Cross training and more

Their membership plans

  • Casual Visit (Gives you access to 1 Class Visit, Access to gym) the plan is valid for 2 weeks and the price is $30.00.


  • 10 Passes (Prepaid 10 visit pass and the 11th visit is free. The plan is for valid Australian student. Id required on request. (All packs valid for 6 months). The students pay $150.00 and the Adults pay $300 for this plan.


  • Memberships (Gives you access to unlimited classes) There is no lock in contracts and there are Various debit options. The Price for this plan is $55 per week

For more information on their membership plans contact them.

Address: 100 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone: 0415 682 813

  1. TKO Boxing Sydney

About the Gym

At TKO boxing they understand everyone is different and their bodies react differently to diverse trainings and they ensure to make provision for programs that suits each person and helps them in reaching their goals.

They make sure their members have fun and safe experience while working to achieve their goals in the gym.

In their gym, they have different approaches aimed at helping you achieve your goals and they cater for both beginners and intermediates as well as for people who are on the lookout for something different, those who want to learn new and fun skills or for people who want to add something special to their training.

Their classes

TKO classes

  • Box-fit
  • TKO – boxing
  • Boxing strength and conditioning (BSC)

TKO 1:1 training

  • Bag work
  • Pad work
  • Circuit training

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 84 Great North Road, Five Dock New South Wales 2046, Australia

Phone: 0435 147 055

  1. Corporate Fitness Centre

About the Gym

Corporate Fitness Centre provides fitness training focused mainly on boxing techniques. From a desire to ensure general good health, nutrition as well as fitness to the rigors of competitive boxing, they have it all.

The gym is a female friendly gym and many of their female members are achieving fitness levels far beyond what they expected.

Their Gym Amenities

The gym amenities include

  • Separate men’s and women’s bathrooms with change rooms and individual lockers.
  • The women’s bathroom includes complimentary GHD hair straighteners and hair driers.

Their Classes

  • Offence
  • Defence
  • Total boxer
  • Conditioning
  • Circuit
  • Bag work and more

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 36-38 Wentworth Ave Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9264 4492

  1. Focus Boxing Club

About the Gym

Focus Boxing Club was started with the aim of inspiring, promoting as well as developing kids and adults to physically and mentally become the best they can be.

They are focused on educating and feeding the body and mind through the positive promotion of boxing. They have all the necessary for boxing and their gym is available for people of 9 years and above in the community.

The gym has a variety of boxing and fitness classes for kids and adults whether beginners or people who are not new to gym activities and also suitable for every of the fitness levels and abilities.

Their Facilities

  • Heavy boxing bags
  • Floor-to-ceiling bags
  • Tear drop bags
  • Speed Ball
  • Large Tyres
  • Medicine Balls and more

Their Classes

  • Kids/Junior Boxing (10 – 15 years old)
  • Youth to Adult Boxing (Beginners – Intermediate)
  • Pros and Amateur Fighters Only and more

For their membership plans contact them

Address: Level 1, 925 Canterbury Road Lakemba NSW 2195

Phone: 0482 083 728

Boxing gyms in Sydney
Boxing gyms in Sydney
  1. Bondi Boxing Gym

About the Gym

Their goal is to provide a close-knit environment of health and wellness amongst their members that extends to the outside of their gym as well as all through the whole of Sydney’s eastern suburbs community.

They focus on teaching classical boxing, concentrating on the basics like correct punching technique, footwork, balance and boxing IQ.

Their expert trainers have specialty in Muay Thai, kickboxing and functional strength and fitness. They provide a wide range of group classes for both kids and adults of different competence levels and backgrounds.

Their Classes

Boxing Classes

  • Boxing
  • Boxing – Skills & Sparring
  • Boxing Bootcamp
  • Kids Boxing

Muay Thai Classes

  • Muay Thai
  • Muay Thai – Skills & Sparring

Their Membership plans


This plan is for people who are dedicated, and the plan gives unlimited access to classes.

  • Monthly for $49.95 per week
  • 12 Month Contract for $45 per week

Pay as You Go

For people who have a busy schedule

  • Single Entry for $30
  • Pack of 10 for $250

For more information about their membership plans contact them

Address: 284 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW 2026

Phone: 0402 622 662

  1. BX1

About the Gym

BX1 is a spectacular 500 square-meter space with state-of-the-art facilities. They provide ultra-modern and classy gym environs providing a blend of current technology in fitness equipment, boxing, innovative training as well as classes, all set including luxury amenities for their members.

Their Classes

  • BOXFIT- cardio & conditioning
  • Boxercise – strength and tone
  • Muay Thai skills
  • Kickboxing- skills
  • Powerlifting
  • Karate and more

For their membership plans click here

Address: 4/140 Military Road, Neutral Bay 2089 NSW

Phone: 02 8283 9243, 0451 364 885

  1. Legends Gym

About the Gym

Legends was established in January 2013. Though their gym started as a small one but has progressively made a name for itself in Combat Sports Australia with having many great fighters come through from Kickboxing, Boxing to MMA. Everyone is welcomed at their gym.

Their classes

  • K1
  • Boxing technique
  • Boxing fitness
  • MMA
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu

For their membership plans click here

Address: 89 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

Phone: (02) 9663 3774

  1. Fight Gym Brookvale

They are dedicated to ensuring their gym is the one everyone can visit not minding their fitness level or their experience.

At Fight Gym Brookvale, their procedure is what makes them the best value in the northern beaches and they have proudly continued that philosophy since 1995.

Their Programs


  • Boxing All Levels
  • Muay Thai
  • Teen Boxing
  • Fighters Class

Strength & Fitness

  • Lift & Burn
  • Glutes & Abs
  • Conditioning
  • Friday Finisher and more

For their membership plans click here

Address: 8 Cross Street, Level 1 Brookvale, NSW 2100

Phone: (+61) 0415 448 496

  1. Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym

About the Gym

At Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym, they provide the opportunity for people of all fitness levels and ages to learn the art of Muay Thai and Boxing in a friendly, secured as well as professional atmosphere.

No matter the one you want to learn, they provide programs that will suit you and help you reach your fitness goals.

Their Programs

  • Ladies only Muay Thai & Boxing
  • Intermediate Muay Thai & Boxing
  • Advanced Muay Thai & Boxing
  • Kids Muay Thai & Boxing and more

For their membership plans click here

Address: Shop 2/17 Hollywood Ave, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Phone: 0452 063 728

Boxing gyms in Sydney
Boxing gyms in Sydney
  1. BT’s Boxing

About the Gym

At BT’s Boxing, they are committed to offering exceptional boxing services in Sutherland Shire. Their gym was founded by Brett Townsend in 2020.

They provide a comprehensive range of boxing services for people of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes.

Their expert coaches are committed to making sure all their members get the same level of support and attention, not minding their goals.

Their Classes

  • BoxFit
  • BoxTech
  • Fighters Class
  • Strength & Conditioning

For their membership plans contact them

Address: Unit 6, 16-18 Northumberland Road Caringbah, 2229

Phone: 0416 945 242

  1. 8 LIMBS

About the Gym

8 LIMBS was established in 2013 as a result of Inspiration by a lifelong love of Muay Thai, Boxing & Fitness Training. The founders opened the gym so they will be able to share their passion with Sydney.

Their gym has grown to become one of Australia’s premier striking & fitness training facilities as well assisted in the inspiration and transformation of the lives of thousands along the way.

Their Classes

  • Muay Thai
  • Functional training
  • Boxing

For their membership plans contact them

Address: 306 OXford St, Bondi Junction, 2022, NSW

Phone: (02) 8971 5176


Starting out in a boxing gym in your location in order to reach your fitness goals is not just about registering but also about being consistent because consistency will bring in the results.

Having the knowledge of boxing gyms in Sydney will help you make the best decision when you are to select the gym you will register with. Go and make it work.

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