Gym Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for a Positive Workout Environment

Before we get to the main discussion which is about Gym Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for a positive workout Environment, let’s understand what gym etiquette is all about.

Meaning of Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is about respect for yourself, for other gym-goers, as well as respect for the gym space and equipment.

As a person who engages in workouts in a gym, having good gym etiquette is very crucial because it assists in the creation of a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, where everybody can work out without being distracted or delayed.

When you practice good etiquette, it means you are playing your part in ensuring the gym is a comfortable and safe space for everyone.

While it is very good to work out in the gym because of the presence of experts as trainers and different available equipment that can help boost your performance and help you reach your fitness goals, there are still things you ought to do and ought not to do for you to get the best workout experience.

This content will give you the details you need about Gym etiquette. Whether you are already working out in the gym or about to start but you are not aware of these rules, here is an opportunity for you to know them.

Read till the end to get all the information so you can always get the best from your workouts because of your adherence to these rules.

Gym Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for a Positive Workout Environment
Gym Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for a Positive Workout Environment

Gym Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for a Positive Workout Environment

Here are some Gym Etiquette that will help you ensure a positive workout environment. Since the etiquette includes dos and don’ts, we will discuss them all one after the other. Let’s start with the dos.

Dos in the Gym

  • Make sure you change in the locker room: Comfort in the gym when you don’t dress how you ought to for workouts is hard.

Changing in the locker room gives you the opportunity to wear fresh, clean clothes so that you don’t get others uncomfortable in the gym. Respect the privacy of other gym members by changing only in the locker rooms.

  • Put the weights you use away when you are done with them: When you finish using any equipment, put it where it is supposed to be so it will be easy for someone who needs it to see it easily.

When you do this, it makes the gym organized and tidy as well as showing you actually take responsibility for your workout space.

  • Wipe down your equipment when you finish using it: You do this for hygiene and to also make it comfortable for other gym members to use the equipment because nobody will be happy to use any equipment covered in the sweat of another person.

To do this, you have to bring paper towels or a piece of cloth to the gym which you will use in cleaning the equipment after use to avoid the spread of germs.

  • Take your bath immediately after your workout: Taking your bath after the workout is a sign that you respect the people you are working with and the staff that cleans the facilities. Even when you don’t have time to shower after every workout, bring a change of clothes.


  • Bring your deodorant, and don’t just rely on the facility’s shower gel or shampoo: If you want to smell good at the gym, bring your deodorant while coming to the gym for your workout.

You can also bring your shampoo along as well as your hairbrush and other things you will need in the gym.

  • Respect personal space: Always respect people’s personal space in the gym. Don’t stand so close to someone while they are working out, also be conscious of your body language. If mistakenly you brush up against someone or step on their foot, ensure you apologize to the person.


  • Follow the rules of the gym: Make sure you follow the dress code if there are any. The clothes you should use for working out should be comfortable and should not be too revealing if it is not allowed in the gym.

If there are specific hours for their various workouts, make sure you keep to them. If there are age restrictions in specific areas of the gym or some machine use, don’t sneak in.

  • Tidy up after yourself and be respectful of the environment you are in: Make sure you clean up your water bottles and other things you bring to the gym after using them.

If you lift weights, put them back where you got them from after use. If you are taking up space in the cardio area or on the rowing machine, stay within the lines.

Also, be respectful of the other members of the gym. Have it in mind that everyone in the gym is there for different purposes.

For instance, the woman on the yoga mat next to you might have a different fitness goal than you do. Same with other people in the gym. Being mindful of your surrounding is the best way of being respectful to others in the gym.

  • Don’t be afraid to break your boundaries: Ask for assistance from the gym staff when you feel intimidated by the gym environment. You can inquire from them about different things like the machines that are more suitable for your goals and other questions you might have about workouts.

If you are not comfortable asking the staff, you can opt-in for the gym’s mentorship programs if they have any. You can also ask people if they want to work out with you if you don’t have friends to work out with.

Don’ts in the Gym

  • Don’t Hog equipment: Give other gym members the opportunity to use equipment if they are waiting for it. turn if other gym goers are waiting to use it.

If there is a long wait for a piece of gym equipment, go ahead and use it. But give the people waiting a chance to use it when you are done. Don’t rest still on the equipment when others are waiting to use it.

  • Don’t show up early or stay late (don’t show up at peak times to tan): As a new member of a gym, you might be unaware that some hours are busier than others. Make sure you avoid peak times like early in the morning or late in the evening.

If you are a beginner, showing up at a time the gym is less busy will give you the opportunity to have time to get the information you need from the staff. If you have limited hours to work out, tanning at off-hours will give you more time to work out in the gym.

  • Don’t be a creep: If you like to stretch, make sure you are not standing directly in the space meant for someone. If you want to sit and stretch, don’t sit right on the mats in the middle of the floor.

Look for a wall where you can sit and stretch. Some gyms don’t allow stretching on the mats, so be mindful of what the gym allows.

  • Don’t be disruptive: Make sure your noise does not make other gym members lose concentration. Not minding what you are doing, always remember that people come to the gym to focus on their workout and not to listen to what you are saying.


  • Don’t leave your things lying around: After your workouts, instead of leaving your things lying around for others to clean up, put the weights away and put your towel in the bin.


  • Don’t be rude or disrespectful to others: Make sure you are polite and respectful to other gym members not minding their age, size, or ability.


  • Don’t block someone’s view: Make sure the mirror on the side you want to set up for your workout is not being used by someone else to spot their form before. You can ask if you are not sure of the mirror being used by someone.


  • Don’t stare: Even if you are new to the gym, be mindful that others might be just starting out, coming back from injury, or trying some equipment out for the first time.

Be friendly and free to assist others, and offer a spot or a smile to someone who looks like they may need it.

  • Don’t be late for PT sessions and classes: If you sign up for a group class or you are booked in with a PT, being punctual is important.

Arriving 10 minutes before it starts gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and gives the instructor time to assist you before others arrive.

  • Don’t hover while you wait for equipment: Hovering around people using any equipment because you are waiting for the equipment is not cool.

If you want to use the equipment, wait until the person has completed their set and ask if you can jump on after or if they are open to sharing while they rest. Ensure you don’t make them feel uncomfortable or rushed.


As a gym member, if you can keep to all these gym etiquettes, you will get to achieve your fitness goals while also ensuring you make the stay of other people in the gym comfortable.

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