6 Top Gyms In Asaba Nigeria

The City of Asaba has all it takes to help you achieve your health and Fitness goals, there are several Top Gyms In Asaba.

Asaba is one of the major cities in Nigeria making commendable efforts in the health and Fitness industry.

The city has an enormous amount of world-class Gyms that could help cater for your fitness needs.

One distinguishing feature about the Gym industry in Asaba is its affordability, Gyms in Asaba are quite cheap despite being equipped with the best of equipment.

In the bid to satisfy your interest, I will walk you through the Fitness industry in Asaba, showing you some of the Finest Gym Facilities in Asaba, do ensure you read through carefully.

What Is A Full Form of Gym?

The word Gym is a short Expression for Gymnasium, Gymnasium simply means a Facility built or created for exercises, sports, or any form of workout-related activity.

What Is The Healthiest Exercise?

See below;

1. Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular Exercises are one of the most healthy exercises, this type of exercise helps to prevent heart-related diseases and help individuals to manage thier weight effectively.

A good example of Cardiovascular related exercises include running, walking, cycling, swimming e.t.c.

2. Strenght Training Exercise

Strength Training Exercises are Exercises targeted at helping individuals build muscles and strength effectively.

Below are some of the examples of Strength training exercises:

  • Weightlifting
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Floor press
  • Dumbell roll
  • Back extension

3. Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility-related exercises are workout activities targeted at improving the flexibility of joints and muscles in the body.

This type of Exercise improves the elasticity of the muscles, meaning it helps in stretching the human muscles to a considerable length.

Participating in flexibility-related Exercises or activities will sincerely aid you to work freely as an Individual.

Examples of Flexibility related exercises include Yoga, side stretch, Forward Fold, Triceps Stretch, Shoulder stretch e.t.c.

4. Balance Exercise

Balance Exercises are workout Activities targeted at improving the stability or balance of Individuals.

The list below are examples of Balance exercises:

  • Balance Walk
  • Hip Flex
  • Leg Raises
  • Foot taps
  • Leg swing
  • Reverse Lunge

Top Gyms In Asaba

Welcome back sit tight as I expose you to the Top Gyms In Asaba, where you can achieve your Fitness goals at an Affordable fee.

  • 3riple Fitness Center Asaba
  • Apexfit Gym Koka
  • EDX Fitness Asaba
  • Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba
  • Imperial Gameville
  • K&C Gymnastics and Fitness Center

1. 3riple Fitness Center Asaba

    • Phone:0818 278 7631,0916 813 2705
  • Address: NTA Road, Asaba Nigeria

3riple Fitness Center is among the Top Gyms In Asaba, this Fitness center is Located along NTA Road in Asaba Nigeria.

3ripple Fitness Center Asaba is always open Twenty-four (24) hours every day, from Monday to Friday, and also during weekends(Saturday and Sunday).

This Fitness center is among the most beautiful Gym center in the city of Asaba, it’s Gym facility is situated in a very neat and nice location.

3ripple Fitness Center Asaba is indeed well-equipped with the Best of Gym equipment, and experienced trainers and coaches.

Surprisingly 3ripple Fitness Center has two branches, one of its branches is located at NTA Road, along Okpanam Road, Asaba, whereas the other branch is situated inside Bia Best View Hotel which is located at No 5 Eze Francis Road, Asaba Nigeria.

Individuals who have the Gym membership card of this Fitness center, are free to train at any of the branches of the Gym center.

Gym Webpage

2. Apexfit Gym Koka

  • Phone:+234-904-166-6220
  • Gym Address: Conoil, before, Beck Flo Hotel, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria

Apexfit Gym Koka also ranks among the top Gyms In Asaba, this fitness center is always open from Monday to Sunday.

The Opening time of Apexfit Gym Koka is 6 am, while its Closing Time is around 10 pm in the night.

Apexfit Gym Koka has the best of Gym equipment, and several active trainers to help assist Gym members in achieving thier fitness goals easily.

3. EDX Fitness Asaba

  • Phone:080-5653-1038
  • Gym Address: DBS Road, Central Area, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria

EDX Fitness Asaba combines both old and modern approaches to help participants achieve their Fitness goals.

The acronym  “EDX “ of this Fitness Center was coined from three words,  the acronym EDX simply means “Extreme Drive Xercise”.

EDX Fitness Center was established by Emeka David, one of the best Fitness Trainers in the city of A

EDX Fitness Center Asaba was Founded by Emeka David, a well-known Fitness Trainer in the city of Asaba.

Gym members at this Fitness center are opportune to use the Gym environment because the Gym environment is quite serene and spacious.

4. Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba

  • Phone:+234 803 517 0304
  • Gym Address: GRA, Phase 1 Asaba, Nigeria

Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba is among the top destinations in Delta offering Affordable Gym services in Asaba.

Surprisingly this Fitness Center also has a hotel, where individuals could lodge, while they strive towards achieving thier fitness goals.

This Gym center being one of the Top Gyms In Asaba, is indeed well-equipped with modern Gym equipment.

Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba is suitable for individuals interested in maintaining a Good body shape at an Affordable fee.

5. Imperial Gameville

  • Gym Address: GRA, Phase 1 Asaba, Nigeria

Imperial Gameville Asaba is also located along the same axis as Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba, along GRA Phase 1 Asaba, Nigeria.

Surprisingly Imperial Gameville has Gym equipment to help both children and Adults achieve their fitness goals.

Aside from being a popular Gym Center in Asaba, Imperial Gameville is among the top Tourist attractions in Asaba, where children, couples, and families can have fun.

At Imperial Gameville Children could participate in games like hunting, and racing e.t.c., and adults could also participate in Games like Playstation, Snooker e.t.c.

Imperial Gameville is always open from Monday to Friday, and also during weekends, Opening time is 8 am while closing time is 9 pm.

6. K&C Gymnastics and Fitness Center

  • Phone:0703 760 7374
  • Gym Address: Dagas Plaza, Along Achalla, Ibusa Road, Asaba, Nigeria

K&C Gymnastics and Fitness Center is another top Fitness Hub in Asaba, this Gym center is always open every day but closes 12 pm.

K&C Gymnastics and Fitness Center is best fit for athletes, and individuals interested in building muscles.

This Gym center is well equipped with several weight lifting equipment and also offers swimming classes to interested participants.

Best Gym In Asaba

  • 3riple Fitness Center Asaba
  • Apexfit Gym Koka
  • EDX Fitness Asaba
  • Yours Fitness Lounge Asaba
  • Imperial Gameville
  • K&C Gymnastics and Fitness Center
  • Gym At Hotel Benizia Asaba
  • Gym At GQ Suites Asaba
Top Gyms In Asaba
Top Gyms In Asaba

Conclusion on the Gyms In Asaba

The city of Asaba is indeed one of the best destinations for Gym enthusiasts interested in achieving their fitness Goals.

This Resource was written to show you the Top Gyms in Asaba where you could partake in workout sessions at an Affordable fee.

Do well to scout for your preferred Gym in Asaba through the provided address in this blog post.


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