Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run

Why do my lungs burn when I Run?

Do you feel pains that make you ask this question of why your lungs burn while you run and this makes you bother about how to sort out the problem?

This content will make you understand the reasons why you experience this and your findings will help you know what next to do. Read till the last dot to get all the details.

Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run
Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run

Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run

There are many factors that may be the cause of the lung burning you feel while running or carrying out workouts like swimming, climbing, and other energetic exercises.

Though a few of the factors causing the lungs to burn when you run or carry out exercises may not be harmful and gets rectified normally, some other factors that cause the lungs burning might require an additional examination to find out.

So, when you notice the lungs burning don’t disregard it especially when the burning is persistent as well as occurs in different situations. Getting help is the best action to take instead of ignoring it.

Now let’s check out some of the reasons why you might feel that burning sensation while running or carrying out any of the exercises you engage in.

Here are some of the possible reasons for the lung burning you experience while running or exercising

  1. You are a Beginner: This is one of the common causes of lung burning when you run. the fact that you are still a beginner and your body is not yet used to the routine might be the reason for the burning sensation.

At this point, even your muscles feel the impact of your carrying out exercises you have not tried before, the adjustment to the new routine might be the reason for the lungs burning you feel.

To reduce the pain, you might need to use an interval strategy where you run and walk so your lungs can gradually get used to the new routine.

  1. Running In the Cold: When you run in the cold, it can also result in your lungs burning. This particular one won’t cause any harm to you.

When you run outside during the time of winter, your respiratory system gets exposed to cold as well as dry air and this may result in irritation as well as burn your trachea (also known as the windpipe) as well as the bronchi (which is the airways that leads into the lungs).

If you breathe with your nose while running, it slightly warms, purifies as well as moisturizes the air you take in. So, when you breathe with your nose, by the time the air gets to your lungs is already moisturized and warm.

Concentrating on breathing through your nose instead of your mouth is the best thing you can do to avoid burnings your lungs when you run since the mouth can’t offer the same benefits the nose offers when you breathe with them separately while running.

To avoid the exhale of too much water into the dry environs, you can make use of a facemask or even a buff in order to provide environs that is warm in the nose as well as the mouth.

  1. Acid Reflux: Another factor that can cause burning lungs when you run or exercise is Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

This occurs specifically when you run shortly after eating your food or when you eat any food that prompts gastroesophageal reflux disease like coffee, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other foods (Acidic and fatty foods) that causes it.

With acid reflux, the sphincter is made weak and this results in acidic digestive juices that are supposed to stay in your stomach splashing upward into the esophagus as well as the throat.

When you run, it can worsen the matter as a result of the jostle as well as enhanced intra-abdominal pressure which occurs because of the downward pressing of your diaphragm, the expansion of your lungs as well as the contraction of your abdominal muscles and this reduces the volume in the abdominal cavity.

Though is unusual for the acidic digestive juices linked to acid reflux to penetrate your lungs, the existence of the acidic liquids may aggravate the nerves and tissues in the thoracic cavity or chest around your lungs and this can result in lungs burning or burning sensation around your heart when you are exercising.

Aspiration can be threatening when encountered, when you are treating gastroesophageal reflux disease, it is very essential you discuss with your doctor how you can adjust the kind of food you eat as well as the kind of exercise you should do to make sure you are safe as well as reducing the chances of encountering this issue.

If you notice the signs and symptoms like bloating or feeling of fullness when you eat even a little portion of food, or you have the burning sensation either in your stomach or chest when you are done eating or when you cough and you have not been diagnosed of gastroesophageal reflux disease, then you need to talk with your doctor on getting evaluated by a gastroenterologist or going for endoscopy.

  1. If You Have Asthma: Another thing that can make you experience lung burning is if you have asthma. When you run as someone who is asthmatic, there are higher chances of you encountering your lungs burning while you work out.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the lung that results in the airways being inflamed. As a result of the airways being narrowed, it becomes difficult for oxygen to get to your lungs, and the stiffness, swelling, as well as irritation of the airways, makes the expansion of your airways and lungs when you quickly breathe in and out while exercising painful.

Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, as well as a burning sensation in your lungs during exercise are the symptoms.

When you find out you are asthmatic, using bronchodilators like albuterol inhalers or oral steroids can assist you in managing the symptoms.

Extra treatment or a change of your medications can resolve the issue if you are concerned about the possibility of your being asthmatic or already being diagnosed with it or when it causes issues when you run. The extra treatment or change of medications can reduce the chances of encountering asthma attacks.

  1. You are Recovering from an Illness: When you are just recovering from an illness that has to do with respiration like the common cold and others, it can result in irritation as well as inflammation of your lungs and airways.


  1. Chronic Respiratory Illnesses: Having some persistent respiratory diseases like chronic bronchitis or emphysema may make your lungs burn or hurt when you run or after you are done running.

Enhanced ventilation when you are running can go above what the respiratory system which is compromised because of illness can handle and this will result in your not being comfortable as well as irritation.

You can talk with your doctor if you are bothered about these types of underlying respiratory illnesses so the doctor will find a solution.

Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run
Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run

Tips for Prevention or Treatment of the lungs burning Issue

  • Hydration: Ensure you are hydrated when you are running in cold weather. Drink enough water even if it does not feel like you are thirsty because the weather can make you think you are not sweating much.


  • Face Covering: Make sure you cover your face when the air is dry. This will assist in the trapping of moisture and this might help decrease discomfort in your windpipe.


  • Slow Down: If you are a beginner or returning to exercise or you are asthmatic or just recovering from an illness the best thing to do is slow down on exercise, and allow your body to adapt or recover fully before you attempt it.

You can start with the interval strategy of running and walking to allow your body to adapt.

  • Visit Your Doctor: You can visit your doctor if you experience the burning sensation persistently. If you think you are experiencing acid reflux, you can visit your doctor about them. If you encounter anything that requires medical attention, visit your doctor to resolve it.


  • Reduce Exposure to Poor Air Quality: You can monitor the quality of air using a weather app. If you stay in a place where the air quality is poor as a result of pollution from fire and other things that pollutes the air.

If you stay in areas like this, it is best you buy a treadmill for your exercise or register in a gym.

A Final Thought on Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run

After going through the different causes of lung burning, ensure you avoid doing any of them so you don’t encounter burning lungs.

It is also essential you discuss with your doctor if you continually experience the burning sensation in your lungs when you are running or after running.

Also, follow up with the prevention tips to ensure you stay safe and avoid any of the complications that can come up as a result of burning lungs.

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