9 Best Gyms in Powell

Are you among the category of people who want to take their fitness plans seriously but find it difficult to locate the right gym suitable for their fitness needs as a result of the different gyms available? If yes, this content was written having you in mind.

In today’s blog post, we decided to discuss the gyms in Powell so people like yourself who are interested in achieving your fitness goals with guidelines from personal trainers and access to the gym equipment you need to hit the goals. Are you ready to arm yourself with the information about the gyms? If yes, let’s go into the discussion.

Gyms in Powell
Gyms in Powell

Gyms in Powell

Here are fitness centers in Powell

  1. T&J No Limit Fitness
  2. Grace Powell Sports (GPS)
  3. GoYoga
  4. ChalkDust
  5. Individual Fitness Solutions

T&J No Limit Fitness

T&J No Limit Fitness has been the premier fitness facility in Powell for the past 5 years. In their gym, they offer a wide variety of services to ensure their clients get incredible results.

They believe their members are their family. Their gym is a place where every member feels at home and gets the support that they need to make health and wellness their lifestyle.

Their Classes

  • ​NL Shred
  • NL Blast
  • NL Pump
  • NL Burn
  • NL Boxing and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 3801 Attucks Dr.  Powell, OH 43065

Phone: 614-659-7532

Visit their website

Grace Powell Sports (GPS)

At Grace Powell Sports (GPS), they provide a healthy and holistic approach to the area of sports and fitness. Their leagues, classes, personal training, and camps are all created with you in mind.

They strive to make available opportunities for all ages to be challenged both physically and mentally. In their fitness center, their goal is to assist challenge, encourage, and support you in the goals that you have set.

One of their priorities is to remove the negative connotations surrounding the fitness industry and bring back the positive aspects and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

They want you as a gym user to feel motivated and valued after every single interaction. Their camps and classes are thoughtfully planned and designed by their qualified and caring instructors to provide a great experience that is unlike any other.

All of their programs are developed with excellence, and founded on Biblical principles. Try experiencing sports and fitness the way it was meant to be.

Their Group Classes

  • Dynamic Interval
  • High Intensity Interval (HIIT)
  • Recharge

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 7600 Liberty Rd N Powell, Ohio 43065


Visit their website


At GoYoga, they offer a full spectrum of group yoga and meditation classes.  Whether you are just starting or have been practicing for years, whether you want to relax and unwind or build balance and strength, they offer an array of class styles taught by friendly and passionate instructors to assist in creating the space for you to find exactly what you need to care for your body, mind, and spirit.

Their goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in their spaces and to deliver yoga no matter what the style.

Their Classes

  • Meditation
  • Relax & Restore
  • Restorative Flow
  • Deep Stretch
  • Power Down & Deep Stretch
  • Flow and more

For information on their membership plans contact them

Address: 10235 Sawmill Parkway Powell, OH 43065

Phone: (614) 381-5294

Visit their website


At ChalkDust, their personalized training program caters to your unique needs and goals. You also get to benefit from their qualified coaches who tailor each day’s training to your individual athlete profile. In their gym, they foster one of the most supportive communities in the CrossFit space.

Their Programs

  • CrossFit Classes
  • Foundations
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Personal Training

Their Membership Plans

Single Membership

  • Single person for $150 per month

Family Membership

  • Add on $115 each month per person

Personal Training

  • $35 for half hour
  • $65 for full hour

They also offer discounts for groups of 2 or more per session.

Address: 324 W. CASE STREET POWELL, OH 43065

Visit their website

Individual Fitness Solutions

Bill and Talitha Helmling formed Individual Fitness Solutions in 1997 in order to provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to attain a better quality of life through fitness.

Their fitness center provides a facility that is friendly, intimate, professional, and motivating. Their philosophy is to provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and guidance that you need to be healthy and fit for a lifetime.

Their Personal Training Packages

  • Flex Group Personal Training
  • 30 Minute Personal Training Session
  • One-on-One Personal Training

Their Membership Plans

  • Individual Monthly Plan for $45 per month (one individual)
  • Couples Monthly Plan for $69 per month (from the same household)
  • Family Monthly Plan for $89 per month (up to 4 from the same household)

Individual Weekly Plan

  • 1 Week for $30
  • 2 Weeks for $35
  • 3 Weeks for $40

Couples Weekly Plan

  • 1 Week for $55
  • 2 Weeks for $60
  • 3 Weeks for $65

Address: 9246 Dublin Road Powell, OH 43065

Phone: 614-793-1185

Visit their website

Other Gyms in Powell

barre3 Powell

Address: 8882 Moreland St Powell, Ohio 43065

Phone: 740-917-5039



Address: 9981 Sawmill Pkwy Powell, OH 43065

Phone: (614) 468-9679


Rockbox Fitness

Address: 170 W Olentangy St, Suite N Powell, OH 43065

Phone: (740) 226-0195


The Yoga Loft

Address: 9280 Dublin Rd Powell, OH 43065

Phone: 614-705-6399


Gyms in Powell
Gyms in Powell

Conclusion on Gyms in Powell

While working out in a fitness center is good, joining the right gym that suits your fitness needs is important. So, ensure you check through the requirements that should be available in a gym that is important for you to achieve your fitness goals. I believe you are ready to start, go for your fitness goals, and with consistency in the right routine, you will get them done.


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